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Podcast Episode 39

Darryll DiPietro, the CEO of Coincierge Club, is on the show with us today to discuss how his platform is helping businesses accept and use cryptocurrency in everyday life.


Darryll DiPietro was born in Farmington Connecticut in 1982. His father was a professional fire fighter and his mother worked in the banking industry. In 2002, Darryll enrolled in Gibbs College in Norwalk Connecticut. While at Gibbs, he took an interest in the Academy of Arts College in San Francisco California. Darryll was accepted and moved out west in August of 2003.

One would think his major was juggling majors, but Darryll went from visual communication (graphic and web design) to automotive design for one semester to motion picture and & tv. It was here that he developed his skills in number management, budgeting and allocating assets.

After film school, Darryll moved to Southern California and was able to work from an unpaid production assistant to executive producer in 2 months, wrapping principle photography of his first film on August 22nd, 2005. This is the same day his first born son Steven was born. Darryll worked in the entertainment industry in LA for 3 years, from 2005 to 2008, on various productions with MTV, Universal, Warner Brothers and other smaller production companies.

In 2008, Darryll moved his family, now consisting of 2 boys (Steven 2 and Sammy 2 months) to Las Vegas to pursue a potential development of a film studio. That project collapsed, but Darryll was able to secure employment at the #1 nightclub in Las Vegas (at the time). Over the next 9 years, Darryll worked his way up the ladder, starting as a street promoter and wrapping his career as director of vip services for Golden Nugget Casino’s nightlife. He was blessed with 2 more beautiful children, Nathan and Angelina.
In 2016, gaming laws changed and Darryll used this opportunity to change industries. Darryll was able to secure a job as a tier 1 customer service agent with Google, eventually becoming the #1 agent in the campaign (Google Play Store). After only 7 weeks as an agent, he was promoted to operations team lead, over seeing 17 agents. In mid October, he was tasked with reducing agent after call work, a statistic they track heavily. Darryll took a case study of 30 agents and reduced their ACW to 3 seconds. It was 9 minutes prior to Darryll’s new parameters. Google let Darryll go in the spring of 2017, and he used his time on unemployment to redevelop his skills to code, built a bitcoin faucet and launched a php board with Chris Starr and Steven Taft. Darryll was featured in GQ magazine after he used his graphic design skills to launch a kickstarter called Cave Bro Rompers.

Darryll has created 4 different crypto currencies on 2 different platforms, is currently working on 5 different blockchain related projects under the Crypto-Cash Hub, Inc brand and is always looking for the next opportunity to apply blockchain technology to real world applications. He has spoken at events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Marta’s Vineyard, San Diego and New York City including NASDAQ and World Crypto Con. He is currently being represented by Rio Vista Universal of Beverly Hills, California.

*Disclaimer. None of this information is financial advice.

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