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CryptoBasic is coming out on Monday. Let's talk about how we made it. (I've soft launched the MP3 without an RSS feed in case anyone wants to listen early, check out the website it's still a work in progress - I don't know how to make websites either ).


NOT ANOTHER CRYPTO PODCAST OMG. Calm down. It's for the novice crypto investors - most of you steemheads wouldn't be interested in the content anyway. It actually is very basic. Originally I was going to use this platform to basically mirror the content on the episodes, but the way I have the site built I don't really need to do that.

So instead what I'm going to do is talk about everything we have been doing to launch the podcast, from start to finish. I won't get into too much of that in this original post. This will just be the background of how we got started, and what led to our decision to go forward.

The aha moment:

The aha moment was clear as day to me. My soon to be co-hosts and myself were all sitting around, completely sober, talking about crypto for something around 6 hours. We didn't want to do anything else, we didn't need to do anything else. We were down the rabbit hole and there was nothing we could do to stop ourselves. There's no crypto information that I don't want to consume. Finally at the end of our 6 hour session I said it.

There is no reason we can't record this shit and make a podcast


That was it. Those were the words that got everything started. None of us had ever podcasted before, and none of us knew the first thing about recording equipment. I had been on the school news in grade school and high school, and that was the extent of our broadcasting experience. Other than that, the rest of us had played professional poker, so we can give a speech at the table when needed.

We talked about the podcast we wish we had when we got into crypto. I wanted to be able to go to a podcast, click on the Litecoin episode, and in the end know enough about Litecoin not to be an idiot. That didn't exist anywhere in the podcasting space. There were some youtube videos, but they were all trying to sell me a bitconnect scam (Luckily I was able to tell even when I didn't know much that shit was a scam).

So that's what we had. The idea. A crypto podcast for beginners. Weekly episodes that we can talk about whatever, but at least 3 other episodes a week where we talk about specific coins or concepts.

To me none of that mattered. Our passion was completely obvious. Even if this podcast went nowhere we would have an outlet to discuss things and feel like it was mattering to someone, somewhere. So that's it - we started buying the things we needed that night, and got to recording. In the next post, I'll start explaining the steps we went through to make it work.


cryptobasic!! Thank you, your Post.

Just listened to the first episode, great idea looking forward to more

You've come a long way in a few short months! Will be cool to see where you are at in a year from now!!! ;)

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