Make the Magic: Episode 223

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Thousands of men have tried in the past to make a notable impression on a woman by reading techniques or even scripts from the Internet, memorizing them and reciting them in the plaza or nightclub. They’re under the impression that the words are what’s important, but that is only ever the surface level of what is happening in an interaction.

The words might be great, but if the suitor doesn’t make them his own, doesn’t add some spontaneity or personality, they will always fall flat.

Likewise, we might find a very powerful technique for meditation or healing, such as metta, or Ho’oponopono. We might think, “Hm… I have heard of this before; I know what this is; it’s nothing new.” With that attitude, we will bring nothing new, and the technique again will fail.

However, if we enter with the attitude of: “I am putting my heart into this; I am seeing how deep this can go,” naturally we have a profound emotional experience, and we may even find ourselves transformed.

Make the magic.

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