Embrace The Absurdity: Episode 424

in #podcastlast year

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Zach Barth once created a game called InfiniMiner, which became the inspiration for another game known as Minecraft.

Zach sat by and watched as Minecraft became the most commercially successful video game in the world, eventually being sold to Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars.

That was a difficult challenge for Barth, and he felt bad about it for literal years. However, he didn't stop creating. Fans say his games are the most original they've ever seen.

When Minecraft was sold to Microsoft, Barth started to laugh as he could see the absurdity of the situation. Nothing about it made any sense, and he was comfortable with that.

Read the transcript and find important links on the site: A Beautiful Thought – Embrace The Absurdity: Episode 424

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