Newest Podcast - What Do Business's Actual Sell and Who's The Boss? - Crazy Business

in podcast •  6 months ago

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Podcast available by clicking the link above or searching for "Crazy Business" on most Podcast platforms.

In this episode we answer two of the most common and most important questions in Business, whatever form that takes ( Physical, Service or Dtube ).

"What do Business's actually sell?"

"Who's the Boss?"

The answers may surprise you, but if you understand the question and more importantly the answers, your Business will certainly succeed.

Thanks for listening

The Adventurous Soul


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Yo... I freaking love this podcast. You have a new follower :)


Thanks buddy :)

Great podcast! Just sub'd on my apple podcast app. Looking forward to more nuggets. I always thought the customer was the boss also. They pay for everything our employees have.


Thanks mate, it is quite amazing how many people forget that fact !!

Rod I've just binge listened to your podcast, I really enjoyed having it on in the background while being productive. You have a great way in telling stories and giving advice.

A different episode to this but the way you told the story of your son and the bullies was moving!


Thanks mate, I’m glad you enjoyed it 👍