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Ah, that might be interesting. You could go even further, kind of like a PGP signature has begin and end comments. You could make it a normal post with useful content, explaining what POCTEST is, etc, etc and then in the body, search for your specific BEGIN and END tags and get the code you want out of that. Could be something like:

(commands here)

That way it's not a spammy blog post, but a real one. One that also has real functionality in it. Should be simple enough to parse the post looking for the code, as long as it has the right tag, right?


Make it so commands could be inserted into any blog post? That's not a bad idea.

Yeah, as long as the correct control tag is there so you don't have to go parsing every single post. That way everyone gets the best of both worlds. A human-readable explanation of the contract/command/transaction along with whatever else and a real commend to do something.

I really like that because then commands could also be after thoughts, almost like a signature to the post. "Don't mind this, just running some commands for a side chain here."

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