HEve you heard about the @pocket, @ '@ ' @ @pockets the word , If you haven't heard about the@pocket....Listen

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Well, another excellent idea for us.
I don't know how well this will do or care really. I've got the trust from @steemit and you guys to proceed with investments towards this. As it will only help push up y=the price and we all get a slice of the pie! Who doesn't like a Slice/bitshare of pie?
created by @biophil (awesome dude) as an experiment.

A lucrative one at that. the price now is low, but this is the perfect time to buy and hold, I would assume.
Pocket pic for steem.jpg
Check out these links to get some.
Design a Pocket Token. 75k pocket + 2.11 SBD
24/7 Sports Bets on the steemit blockchain
@PocketBooks Exclusive Original Hot-1-2 Game
Win big in the 226 Pocket Raffle worth over 14k pocket tokens already. 1 winner!
Free pocket tokens

@PocketBook now selling Pocket Tokens here

All links provided by @pocket so big-up @pocket and please follow.
I'm just spreading the word, about the bird.....I mean @pocket.
Family guy nutter here!!

Anyhoos, buy , send , spend and upvote anything to do with it as it matures into and Ferrari or some sort of gift for the trouble.
ALSO, HODL half of all investment and play with the rest.

P.S. stay away from YoBit, unless you want to get depressed and lose investments. from my view, but I'm no professional. not like you lot of lucky mo.fo.'s

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