How PNGME Can Help Financial Inclusion

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Pngme is a platform that establishes a digital business identity and the reputation of MSMEs as an acceptable validity assessment for suppliers and financial organizations Face the real market. Pngme gives a platform to construct valuable partnerships that will take you into an attractive ecosystem comprising of collectible business profiles that are profitable for business expansion.

The central goal is to close the $ 5.2 trillion dollar financial gap that affects 200 million micro, small and medium enterprises globally. This will encourage sustainable economic development from the base of the financial pyramid to improve openings and quality of life.

Build MSME profiles to guarantee the integrity of their data

Make a virtual ledger for each MSME transaction

Reducing barriers to financial consideration by giving reputation assessments

A sustainable plan of action that allows MSMEs to appear on a higher scale

Improving the financial capability of the whole MSME ecosystem

Pngme takes care of this issue with its sophisticated mobile blockchain technology by introducing a complete banking knowledge that displays payments, savings and digital credit scores – definitely the financial infrastructure required by those at the base of the financial pyramid to transact, access credit to develop their business, and save for crises or later on.

The technology created by Pngme significantly decreases these customer service costs and opens significant development openings by serving customers legitimately through our mobile application. Pngme also partners with existing technology companies to give corporate white label solutions to serve the current large network of customers who are not financially included.


Create a sound business profile for them, by preparing the user's non-financial data to manufacture a credit rating

Enable easy access to financing applications

Able to get lower costs through aggregate purchases

Earning focuses for making transactions, which can be exchanged for discounts or administrations

Individuals and organizations are constrained in their financial development and advancement and need a far reaching banking background conveyed by Pngme to:

Current salary patterns

Get financing to grow a business

Protect from natural and man-made disasters

To save for life events (birth, marriage, funeral, home proprietorship)

Individuals and organizations are financially prohibited because of the accompanying main factors:

Inadequate financial education

Geographical challenges

The expense of traditional financial items is excessively costly (ie cellular cash services like M-PESA)

No credit history

In addition Pngme's mobile banking application increases access to finance for entrepreneurs and consumers. Featuring payments from mobile to mobile, savings and digital credit scores, this application gives consumers easy access to financing anywhere on the planet from their mobile gadgets.


Because of the negative issues of business improvement through credit, it isn't channeled appropriately, in this manner hampering the development of MSMEs in a nation. So we at Pngme will educate the MSME market about the importance of right data with the goal that they can be trusted by large industry owners to show signs of improvement bargaining power.


In the SME world, there is a complicated question that cannot be fathomed by the present system. Because of the large number of MSMEs that cannot match the human assets expected to capture data transactions, this causes obstacles in the MSME system itself. By using Blockchain which emphasizes decentralized capabilities to give impetuses to users who add to the system by giving right data is the place Pngme's job is played.

The quantity of replication transactions can be done in minutes and isn't guaranteed. Data integrity is required by MSMEs So they can use their business in a sustainable manner. By utilizing a blockchain, it also means that Pngme will execute encryption that allows the system to transact faster and safer.


Pngme was first launched with peer to perr cryptocurrency and savings account cryptocurrency payments that make use of interest using Pngcoin. Next Pngme will launch stable, regional, and asset-supported stable coins.
Pngme users will have the option to wager Pngcoin to get intrigue and increase their Pngcoin possession and get discounts on financing costs and loan charges. Each quarter Pngme will repurchase Pngcoin with 10% of its benefits came back from users.

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