PM Narendra Modi to Address the Farmers on 20th June 2018

in pm •  7 months ago

Indian PM Narendra Modi will interact and address farming issues with farmers tomorrow (20th June, 2018), through Video conferencing. This is the sixth time PM is interacting with the farmers.

The prime focus of this conference is boosting the farmers income through various schemes. A statement is released from the Prime Ministers office stating that the PM will hear issues and queries directly from farmers and discuss about the initiatives that will help in doubling the income of the farmers.
pm addrressing Farmers .jpg

The most important sector on Indian economy is its Agriculture. Almost half of the population in India is employed in this sector accounting nearly 17.9% of country's GDP.

The decline of GDP and issues of farmers are of a great concern for the government. Since 50% of Indians are involved with this sector, the steps of government will not only boost the sector but also the overall economy of the country

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narendra modi has really took indian from zero to hero while seeing the development of the country