What are the Most Common Plumbing Tools

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Professional plumbers are highly skilled individuals, and they have a vast knowledge of using specific tools to overcome any plumbing problems. Plumbing tools are used to fix house drainage, sanitary, and water distribution problems and are available in the market as per their uniqueness and purposes.

When you hire a Toronto plumber, they often carry the plumbing tools in their bag and rely on them regularly in order to complete their jobs without any interruption. In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of plumbing tools that are used to fix your home plumbing system issues.


A wrench is the most common and important tool for plumbing. They are having several uses such as holding, turning, fixing plumbing pipes and fixtures, etc. There are several types of wrenches are available in the market, but the following are the ones used by plumbers.

Pipe wrench: This is a fitting plumbing tool, which is used for loosening or tightening the connections of pipes, joints, nuts, etc. It is also used to hold the pipe and turn around it for tightening and loosening purposes. These types of wrenches are available in different lengths. A professional plumber will carry the whole set of pipe wrenches in order to overcome any situation.

Adjustable wrench: They are designed to loosen or tighten the fittings and nuts with a hexagon shape. There are several types of adjustable wrenches available, but most plumbers use 6-inch and 10-inch variants for most plumbing works.


Similar to wrenches, pliers are one of the frequently used tools for plumbers. They are available in small sizes, which enables the plumbers to tighten or loosen the nuts that are too typical for a typical wrench. Another advantage of its smaller size is that it can even reach tight spaces where the wrenches are difficult to use. Water pump pliers are available in different shapes and sizes, and are used to cut pipes, and wires, tighten or loosen various parts, etc.


A hacksaw is a cutting plumbing tool, which is used to cut plastic pipes, steel thin sheets, angles, steel hollow rods, etc. This includes the handle, frame, blade, and adjustable wing screw. A manually operated hacksaw includes the forward stroke and reverse stroke, where the forward stroke is known as the cutting stroke and the reverse stroke is known as the idle stroke. Cutting with hacksaws is dangerous and professional plumbers will take necessary safety precautions for using them.

Pipe Cutters:

Pipe cutters are one of the most popular and common plumbing tools. This is used to cut the water, sanitary, or sewer pipes. Its design is similar to the pliers, but they have a cutter at the open end to cut through the pipes. They are also a good replacement for hacksaws because they are far less dangerous than open-blade hacksaws.


A professional plumber will always have the above-mentioned tools in order to tackle any plumbing issues. They are experts in handling those tools and have all the tools in their bags always.

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