Soil & Rice Processing Machines & Machinery (Traditional and Modern)

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In the agricultural business, the processing of the land is done in order to create a physical condition; better biological and soil chemistry to a certain depth to be suitable for plant growth. In addition, the soil treatment also aims to: kill unwanted weeds and plants; placing litter or crop residue in a suitable place for proper decomposition; reducing the rate of erosion; leveling the soil to facilitate field work; unites fertilizer with soil; as well as preparing the soil for ease in water regulation. Based on the stages of activities, the results of work and the soil that received treatment of soil treatment, soil processing activities are divided into two kinds, namely the first or primary tillage (primary tillage) and secondary tillage. In the first cultivation of the soil, the soil is cut and then raised up so that the remains of existing plants on the surface of the soil can be immersed in the soil. Cutting and reversal depth is generally above 15 cm. In general, the results of soil processing is still in the form of bongkah-bongkah. land is quite large, because at this stage of soil tillage soil eruption can not be done effectively. In the second tillage, the clumps of soil and crop residues that have been cut off on the first soil processing will be smoothed to smoother and simultaneously mix it with the soil. In accordance with the types and methods of tillage described above, the outline of the equipment and processing machinery is also divided into two kinds: The first tillage equipment and machinery used to conduct the first soil processing activities. This soil processing equipment is usually a plow, with all kinds. Secondary equipment and machinery (secondary tillage equipment), which is used to conduct second tillage. This soil processing equipment is usually a harrow (harrow) with all kinds.

Plow (Plow)

The plow is the oldest agricultural tool, has been used since 6000 BC in Egypt. In the early days the plow was completely drawn by human labor, with a very simple btuk. Then Thomas Jefferson specially designs the principle of mathematical calculations. For the first time this tillage is made of wood and then cast iron as the main material, then made of steel.

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