Step On How To Create Attractive Content That will Give You $100 (Good plot)

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My follow steemian writing a captivate story is by constructing a good plot and know how to use your plot when writing a story. Thuse will help you...

If it is about a story in general than the "extraordinary" plot will differ based on reader's choice though the general factors that lead to make your plot perfect are:

  • The intensity of emotions should be carefully embedded into the story to give variance. Something to Target the preferences of different readers. Also the rise and fall of emotions in reader keeps them glued.

  • Plot must be unpredictable. Something that's predictable is waste of time and no reader/viewer wants to do that.

  • Try to multiply the conflicts in your characters leading to raise more conflicts with other characters of the story.

  • You can try building up mini (parallel) story within the story if you can

  • Not even a single word should be a waste in your story hence every word, paragraph, chapters you use, must relate and contribute to the story.

  • You can use flashbacks to create background of the story and focus on the actions yet to come rather than unnecessary elaboration.


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