The PlentyOfPhish List

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What is PlentyOfPhish?

This is the account that holds the list of hacked (phished) accounts or accounts spawned by hackers.


The purpose for this account is to act as a database for bots to hook into.

Currently, hackers intermittently use bots to promote phishing links and other malicious material on hacked accounts. Bot owners have no way of controlling what the bot votes on and often by the time they realise that the bot upvoted a phishing link, it's too late and it's been viewed by others.

Leveraging this list will provide a positive ROI for bot owners as it will prevent the loss of curation rewards. The majority of malicious posts/comments will receive a flag from @steemcleaners and related projects to hide the content on front ends where content may be hidden and to prevent rewards from falling into the hands of hackers. Upvoting content that will be flagged is a waste of VP and will generate no curation rewards.

Bot Owners: How To Use

Add a parameter to your bot to check if the account is being muted by @plentyofphish. The mute parameter is part of Follow. Follow has three types: blog (follow), undefined, and ignore(mute). How you reference this list is up to you and depends on what language your bot is coded in.

Bot owners are encouraged to make a post about using @plentyofphish in order to recoup the extra development time they will incur adapting their bots.

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Key Holders: How To Use

  1. Mute the account when it's under hacker control.

  2. Unmute the account when the owner recovered control.

  3. Append the Phishing Master List accordingly if able to or inform @guiltyparties or @pjau.


Account is under hacker control.


Ownership of account has been restored.

Key Holders

The following users hold the posting keys to this account and can MUTE and UNMUTE accounts as needed. These are in alphabetical order:


This account was created and set up by @guiltyparties to serve this narrow purpose and the master keys are held by him. It is an extension of the @steemcleaners' anti-hacking/phishing initiative.


@plentyofphish, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.05 vote!
Will you give me a follow? I'll follow you back in return!

The magnificence of the image of these fish required a lot of photography for me I have a family working in the sea I will tell them this to make me picture me from there

Brilliant. So grateful for the work of all @steemcleaners! Thank you all, and especially to @guiltyparties for starting this, and for all the help when I was a victim. Resteemed and shared in #steemitbloggers and #teamsouthafrica discord servers

as a member of #whalepower family, I support this . .
I am sorry, my account have been hacked, due to my stupidity.
Please do not click on third parties website

Wow this is sexy

I like the implementation method of this... it makes it easier for bot owners to check the list on an as needed basis. Great design!

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