Ram Ram ji

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A man used to work in the company Making the company
One day before the factory shut down, the lonely fridge had to go round the room, the door was accidentally closed.
And he got stuck in the snowy side

There was a holiday and all the people who were working were going home.
Nobody paid more attention that someone has got trapped inside.

He understood that his body will be ice after two - three hours.
Now when death starts to appear in front
Began to remember God with a true heart.

Asked for forgiveness of your actions and told Lord that you saved prahlad from fire , made ahilya a stone from nari, eating a pair of shabari and placed it in heaven.
Lord , if I have done any work in humanity and religion in life then you get me out of here.
My wife children will be waiting for me . I am the only one in this world to raise their stomach .

I will remember your favor throughout life and say so much , tears of his eyes started coming out.

An hour passed that suddenly the voice of a cheat in the freezer room was heard .

The door opened the watchman ran away.

He picked up the man and took out the hot heater .
When his condition was well after some time , he asked the janitor , how did you come in?


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