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RE: Open letter to change voting patterns | A plea to give #NewSteem a chance

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Better? You mean like @ocdb upvoting videos of people opening game card packs but downvoting anyone who spends a dollar on a bid bot? Before preaching to the little folks try getting your own house in order and save the condescending crap for your whale mates please.

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We've openly announced that we're curating #godsunchained posts to grow a community and onboard gamers onto Steem.

I know, but it doesn't make it right on my opinion! 40+ on posts about opening virtual game cards ? And then when this new community arrives en masse and discovers they're not going to earn a fortune for opening their packs of cards?
How about curating some of the tribes posts to encourage their communities? When did I last see a big ocdb upvote on a great sports post? Or a brilliant tasteem review or an AAA film review? Have you even seen how good and professional those latter two websites look?
How about encouraging people to share all their posts on traditional social media? How about encouraging people here who create articulate and intelligent posts, or personal high effort posts ? win. Let's aggressively promote another online card trading game .....cos it really worked out well for the previous two 'games' in respect of bringing new members to the wider community.

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Or a brilliant tasteem review

you have not looked well then cause we've been curating a lot of those posts, lol. Our gods unchained curation is only a fraction of what we curate in general but I get that you like to point that out to make more noise about it, it's fine.

If this doesn't bear fruit in the long run we will attempt something else, what we need right now the most is new users to Steem.

PS the presale ended so there won't be much pack opening posts in the near future.

Absolutely fair comment, I just spent the last hour looking back over the votes you've issued and found some top quality posts to read from new and old alike.

Doesn't change the fact that I absolutely disagree with both content and tone on this particular post and the huge rewards on these game card posts.

On balance, you curate top quality stuff which is why its all the more annoying.

I will disagree however, as and when I see fit comments are a waste of time if no one ever dares to disagree through fear of losing a potential upvote or being called names.

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I will disagree however, as and when I see fit comments are a waste of time if no one ever dares to disagree through fear of losing a potential upvote or being called names.

I agree with you here and I welcome critizising comments and it does not change the way I curate. I know for instance you were once curated by OCD hence your account is followed by OCDB and if I ever stumble upon a great post of yours I will naturally curate it. Doesn't matter if you accused me of sockpuppeting that one time or bringing forward these kind of comments as that would make me a pretty shitty curator.

My tone is due to me being overly tired of people either not getting why buying profitable bot votes is bad for Steem or why vote-trading is bad for Steem or when they continue to take the smallest reason or mistake we may do to shove it in our face and try to nullify everything else we do and have done on Steem.

I also am not a fan of being "nice" or "politically correct" in my approach to people just because I'm a top witness or have a big project I run, what matters should be what we do, not how we respond to people.

Well, the OCD cartel with its several witnesses supported rising the curation rewards at first, then curated quality content. This is nothing special by the way, of course the whale will support quality content since he gets the same rewards the creator gets. Since the creator reward went down from 75% to 45% the curation is not as cool as it looks like because the creator needs nearly twice as high upvotes than before to get the same reward though he invested time and work for his post, while the curators nearly get twice their rewards for just upvoting.

💥 what he said !

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