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RE: Open letter to change voting patterns | A plea to give #NewSteem a chance

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Oh give centralization another chance? No thank you, we have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube already doing that. People need to think for themselves and not have YOU or ANYONE else here decide where flags should be placed.


It's a pity you won't even think of modifying your voting behaviour, especially when it comes as a building bridges kind of approach and not a burn relations one. Also, nothing on this post is centralized nor I'm asking to centralize anything. But thanks for voicing your opinion.

I already have modified it A LOT....but you guys still downvote. its all good already a millionaire. play on. i manually curate so much its way more fair.


i'm not saying what your doing is wrong, im actually for about 85% of what you stand for here. as for me, i think your whole crew has taken it to a personal level that is dangerous for Steemit. I'm fine with it because its your right. I will be changing even more soon if this continues. My whole channel will change and you are gonna love it. I'm not going away and ill never think its wrong to vote my mom, friends who i brought here and invested, co-workers, ex-girlfriends, great content creators....this is who im gonna vote for and everyone here will vote the same way. I dont agree with upvote bots, shit content, posting more than 3 times a day, upvoting your own comments or delegating steem to a flagging bot like yours OR a curator bot. People need to think for thensevles, be independent, make their own decisions. This is what this platform is all about to me. I love steem and steemit just as much as you do pal....believe me. You and i have very fundamental differences on what deserves a flag. I LOVE ALL THE CONTENT I VOTE FOR>>>>ALL OF IT!!!! Can i be any more clear? I vote thousands of people a year who never voted once for me, i could care less i wanna see steem spread. I think my economic plan is better than yours and you think yours blows mine away. This type of debate has gone on since the beginning of mankind. Not one time have you EVER givin me a penny for a post or a comment or anything.....i however do not really like you BUT i do appreciate the time you spend on your comments and you blog and thats exactly the reason i vote for your stuff ANYWAY! So the question here is really who is a better Steemian? One who can vote something even though they dont like it but can still appreciate the authors view point or a group of people (OCDB & Cure) who all decide what gets downvoted. What if every single person i the group dosent agree? Do you know that a handful of your downvoters and delegates have contacted me on Discord to say they were sorry and didnt agree with everything you are doing? real talk man. So for now unless your group allows "circle jerking" for a small percentage of my steem power and the rest manually curating great content and new people....i guess the flag war will continue forever and the content i post here and the volume is about to radically change for me. I'm good with it....i kinda want to make videos only about this subject and the people involved, I think people here will watch it and i think i can get some heads spinning to see if you REALLY have the support you think you do. it could be fun and i got lots of good ideas for videos already. Come on man...its dumb....i have talked to others on the phone across the country who are with me as well. This will cause a massive mess here and it dosent need to be done. I'm reasonable but i do think what i am doing here is right and not harming steem. Again, I agree with what you originally set out to do, i could even make a delegation to a cause like yours but i personally think you have taken things way to far and there is not much more i can do about it unless i shift gears. My steem power is still here and its probably never getting powered down, i will be a player in the game here. For sure not the biggest player, but i'm not a non factor i will be able to make some of your delegates miserable....lets be honest.