SteemQuest BETA edition: Character Creation Posting & Sign up (play games win Steem)

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This posting will be used to direct player's that are joining into creating a character.

Welcome to SteemQuest

A fantasy RPG boardgame on the Steem Blockchain. This is the BETA version of SteemQuest. As we play I will be adding content that expands the abilities, that players can assign to their characters.

Beta Version: Last year we ran the Alpha Version of SteemQuest and ironed out a lot of the basics of the system. Now in the Beta version we are going to be expanding on the skills and items and working on balancing. Fair warning somethings may not be balanced.

We are tweaking, creating, experimenting as we play. We are open to any other skills or ideas you would like to have. We are trying to increase the lists and balance the game. Let me know if you have an idea and we can work it out. Also I will be setting up a discord for these conversations.

The Alpha game was about questing to rescue Lord Darkcloak. The Beta version will start with the players having rescued him and forged an uneasy alliance with a Frog People Race. The players are hero's of the Realm and carry the Darkcloak house seal.

New to RPG? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The RPG community always welcome new players! Here are some commonly used acronyms:
OOC - Out of Character
IC - In character

**Character Creation **
A player may choose one of the following races HUMAN, ELF or DWARF

Each race has 4 attributes (they are given 10 points to assign to the 4 traits below)

Strength - this allows a player to equip things.
Mind - this creates a players mana pool and allows a player to read runes
Personality - this is how good a player is in interacting with other life forms
Attack - base number or less needed to hit an enemy (we roll a D20 for combat so if you have an attack of 12, you must roll a 12 or less on the D20 to hit) your Attack starts at 10. Max is 15.

Image 11-1-19 at 8.30 PM.jpg

All players start with 1 skill point to choose from the General Skills Table.

This is where you can really customize and have fun with your character build. Any character can take any skill. All General Skills cost 1 skill point to unlock. To start we are only using general skills. As we play new skill trees will be released.

Image 11-1-19 at 8.31 PM.jpg

Items (players start with 2 of the following items)


If you have an old character and want to play let me know we can use the old character.

to join reply with the following format:


Strength: 8
Mind: 1
Personality: 1
Attack: 10
Absorption: 1 heart (leather armour)
Hearts: 8
Mana: 2
Gear:Mace, Leather armour
Skills: Lock Pick



Strength: 6
Mind: 0
Personality: 3
Attack: 11
Absorption: 1 heart (leather armour)
Hearts: 4
Mana: 0
Gear:Battleaxe, Leather armour
Skills: Blacksmith

Welcome !
Do you have a name for your character ?

If you are New and want to join just reply to any active post with a character. I will create you a character card and add you

Here are the current rules:

If you want to play reply in the comments

Here is an example of a character card.

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