🐸 Jousting Game 2 Sign-up (play games win steem)

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Game 1 is over. Thank you everyone for playing.

@wren1221 won the game and earned 0.5 Steem + 0.25 Steem for all her take downs.
@aussieninja won 0.1 Steem for his take downs
@happyme won 0.1 Steem for 2 takedowns
@pandasquad won 0.1 Steem for 2 takedowns
@playbyost won 0.05 Steem for 1 takedown

Now for the Game 2 Sign up... if you want to play respond to this post and upvote.

The prizes for game 2 will be once again 0.05 Steem per take down (point scored) + 0.5 Steem or 1 SBI share for the winner. Winner’s choice.

I will be slightly tweaking the rules. I will update them in the round 1 post.

Who is ready to Joust ?

thunk joust.jpeg

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Signing up to joust for House Darkcloak and teach these inferior races what's what!


I can’t wait to THUNK your prissy bu... bottom off that frog!

file aug 19, 12 53 25 pm.jpeg


I am rubber you are glue...!
Erhm... sorry, I have no idea what that really even means.. but it sounded like it would fit, somehow..

Many thanks for the steem. I'll gladly play again.

Duh??? Of course the champ is back. .... too much? 😝

I will definitely play again!