CENT is The Best Ethereum Based Social Media Platform (Rewarded)

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What is Cent?

The world's first incentivized "creativity exchange" where anyone can earn income from anywhere creating content, sharing their perspective, and curating responses. Powered by Ethereum. Join now @ beta.cent.co
State of The Dapps

Cent is an ethereum based social media platform whereas paid users by contributing through contents posting. The topics could be anything as long as it creatives, innovative, educative and etc. Meanwhile, the most dominant as trending topics within Cent itself was about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Technology. Just like in

Steemit.com / https:steemit.com
while we compared both of platform in topics/content sharing.

Rewarded Through Ethereum


Ethereum used as the payment method for users contribution

Cent rewarded the users by the other users contribution called by TIP features. In this case, the minimun amount to tip was about $ 0.1 in USD while we compared to ETH could be in specifics total as the fluctuates stated. Each users will contributed and interacted within Cent through contents posting or even Bounty features posted.

The more you followed the bounty the more chance you will get in order to earn ETH. The reward given by the main user whom applied the bounty to the respondent. The best answer will defines through SORTING features as it will help the main user to pick the best answer.

In the other hand, user who contributed through SORTING ETH will also received the small amount of Ethereum based on the total amount placed.

How to Join Cent?


Visit the site and fill your email.

There are no difficult ways found while you want to join into Cent. The only thing you need is two main important part.

  1. My Ethereum Wallet (MEW) to cash out
  2. Email to join/login
  3. Username & password

The three important part in case you want to contribute within Cent is a must. While MEW have function to cash out the reward (ETH). You can created MEW from Etherscan.io, Trust Wallet, Toshi, ImToken and etc.

Contributing and Posting


WEB 3.0 is the best system to have full accessed to your cent if you used it from your smartphone.

There are several ways to contributed within Cent. Making or creating a post by choosing the creative topics was the best ideas in order to get attention from the users (Centians). As it will tend you get tipped by them.

Participating in Bounty was the best chance to get reward, as you answer or give the best points regarded the bounty offered. There are some differences within Bounty Reward Amount, its depend on users placed.

Withdrawl Case


Withdrawl System to Indonesian Users

The minimum amount of Ethereum to withdrawl from Cent is about $ 2 USD to your exchange platform. MEW is used as wallet network to withdrawl/deposit your Ethereum. MEW can be accesed from Trust Wallet, Toshi Coinbase and etc.

Cent can be used in full accessed within WEB 3.0 in order to have withdrawl/deposit function worked perfectly. Besides if you used on your PC, you need Metamask Plugin Installed within Chrome/Mozilla/etc. to have the accessed (Deposit/Withdrawl). Meanwhile, in smartphone case, you can use Trust Wallet, Toshi Coinbase, ImToken whereas can be downloaded from both of Appstore/Playstore.

MEW is My Ethereum Wallet whereas work as ERC20 wallet, you can create from Etherscan, Trust, Toshi, ImToken or erc. The most important thing within MEW is Don't forget to Backed Up your Phrases/Mnemonic as the key to your wallet.

Final Thought

Cent is the best social media platform which is run on Ethereum network. You can join in simple ways as the email & MEW requirement needed.

The more creative topics you shared the more chances you will be rewarded by the other users tipped. So, just pick the best one my friends, the most trending topics within
Cent was about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Technology, just pick the best one, my friends!

Happy Centing*!


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