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Most generic audiences think that blockchain technology can only be used for economic and similar sectors. However, the proper blockchain can be used for various different fields, as lengthy as the digital format. One of the makes use of blockchain that is currently rushing is for the automotive industry.

Statistically, car sales figures around the world due to the fact the 12 months 2015-2018 does no longer go up big. According to statistics from Statista, in the 12 months 2015, the wide variety of vehicles sold reached 72.6 million units. At the stop of the year, 2018 is estimated to promote up to eighty-one million units. Meanwhile compared to 2016 and 2017, respectively, 77.25 million and 79.2 million units. Worth the highlight, in 2016-2018, the sales speed feels very insignificant.

Statista noted, is currently going on the recuperation period of the automobile enterprise in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Poland and a wide variety of European Union member States. The expected amplification in vehicle demand from Asia and North America is predicted to stimulate returned high vehicle income in Russia and Brazil.

The car manufacturer was once more and more focused on customers in the Asian market, due to the fact over the final seven, the sales there improved double. Between 2008 and 2016, automobile sales grew in Indonesia and India. While in China, it has reached 28.9 million automobiles by way of 2017.



But also do not be a confused society when wanting to get his dream car.
All excess should be maximized as best as possible, and all risks are minimized for the anticipated form:

Fines, foreclosures, penalties, high-interest rates;

Complex purchase terms and is not completely transparent;
And there are many excess payouts when operating your vehicle. It has become the nature since the time of the Iron Horse, people love to move the place. Because of this human nature, the need for transportation tools becomes one of the basic human needs.
Of course, almost every driver in the world is facing such a problem, and this is not news. In addition, all these inconvenience causes it not only moral, but also damage to the material, because it is stupid to deny the fact that if one could avoid all payments more this hidden, he would not hesitate to Avoid it. That is logical in principle.

Realizing this fact, the team of experts come to the conclusion, why not create a platform where users from all over the world can not only avoid all of the above problems, but also acquire new tools, high-tech, transparent, and most Important safe to buy and operate the car? This article I would like to share tips to you which is the first system in the world called CARNOMALY.

This is a desirable question. Coming up with a title for a challenge is very difficult due to the fact it wishes to define you in one word. So the first part of the identity is simply what it says “Car”, we are an automotive crypt venture so that part was once easy. However, coming up with the rest of the title was once a little greater challenging. We knew we wanted to be distinctive and special in our very own way, as an anomaly. So this is how the title Carnomaly used to be born.

So now how do we make positive we live up to the name that we have chosen? Well, we do this by means of bridging the car enterprise into the crypto world with the aid of presenting the first-ever crypto automotive rebate platform. To loyal customers, Carnomaly will get a discounted crypto price that is returned to shop for a new car or use it anywhere in the world. On top of that Carnomaly will construct the most revolutionary online automotive market with the largest community of dealers worldwide. Imagine being capable to have a vehicle introduced to your work so you can see it and having your modern automobile appraised at an identical time. Imagine being capable to pay your down fee with bitcoin. Imagine getting an additional rebate on top of the already great deal you received.

Carnomaly will appear as the first organization to offer a global discount on car purchases. New and used vehicles will apply, as long as they are purchased from a confirmed criminal provider somewhere in the world. Two upon completing our customer platform, Carnomaly will start shopping the tokens again to fill the discounted price in the coming years. The result of the buyer's platform is what Carnomaly will use to buy the lower back tokens that are on the open sign.

The Carnomaly automobile rebate was once created to permit shoppers who buy new and pre-owned motors the probability to keep more money when purchasing from a licensed automobile dealership.

Consumers who hold CARR tokens will be placed into tiers which will permit sure benefits based on tokens held. The more tokens held, the greater the tier, the better the rebate is. Consumers will be capable to get a max of a 30% rebate, which will be given in CARR tokens that need to be bought on the marketplace for redemption. Along with the rebates, the tiers will additionally have extra advantages such as more than one purchase 12 months allowed for rebates, a Carnomaly Automotive retail representative to assist users shop, and gifting your rebate to a pal or family member.

There will be three-tier ranges that token holders can qualify for. As the range of tokens held grows, so does the customers' membership tier.

Carnomaly will be the most superior online digital platform in the automobile market. Consumers will have many approaches to shop for vehicles. They can no longer only use wellknown matrices that are owned by means of the cutting-edge platform with solely the rate and miles. Consumers will have a new way to store and Carnomaly will supply them the choices needed to make a selection before even stepping into the showroom floor.Carnomaly will operate to both buyers and dealers. These facets will make the purchasing journey less complicated and will allow 30,000 + franchises and non-public dealers the probability to be in front of these customers. For dealers, we will address the price and stock troubles they presently have while assisting them acquire cryptocurrency as payment.


Carnomaly will bridge the gap between the car industry and the world of cryptocurrencies
By growing a new kind of buying and selling platform-which benefits consumers and dealers.
Carnomaly will alternate the modern buying and selling climate by way of being the first discounted price
Crypto-investment and the first to create a token-controlled ecosystem
by consumers.

Carnomaly will empower shoppers and dealers with the proper infrastructure
Communicate without manipulation. For consumers, Carnomaly will permit anonymous online
Browsing to make sure consumers can see and receive pleasant expenditures for new or used
Vehicle. Carnomaly token holders will be able to obtain rebate tokens on their car purchases,
With various rebate quantities will be primarily based on membership tiers.
For dealers, Carnomaly will enable unlimited inventory exchanges between every other and
Between the provider and the consumer. With higher automation and decrease costs, Carnomaly plans to take over
Some market share in this enterprise with solely a few key players.
Finally, many additional revolutionary facets will also be offered. Forward, Carnomaly
Imagine a solution that bridges the gap between digital and physical services. For example, you
Can be picked up to change the oil at your workplace or the car you are looking for can be
Brought to you for review.



Carnomaly will be the first company to offer discounted worldwide prices for automotive purchases. New and used vehicles will apply, as long as they are purchased from a verified authorized dealer anywhere in the world. After completing our Consumer platform, Carnomaly will begin to buy back the tokens to reload the discounted price in the coming years. The result of the consumer platform is what Carnomaly will use to buy back existing tokens in the open market.

Publish Whitepaper
Complete utility Token submission with SEC
Start a Digital marketing campaign
Start Private Sales
Launch the rebate token platform
Final Round of Personal sale
First round IEO
Completed the 2/3 round of IEO
Start the Advanced Vehicle Blockchain (AVB)
Water Drop Token after IEO finishes
Open consumer access to Portal Rabat to enable registration
Improve your Digital marketing Campaign
Carnomaly Rebate Start
Launch the Beta version of the Carnomaly Dealer site
AVB launched
Full version of Dealer site launch
Start signing up for dealers
The advantage of the Dealer's fees is put back into the Platform Token to re-buy the tokens to refuel the discounted price
Carnomaly will continue to grow and implement new ideas and solutions to the online automotive market.

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Author : OFWARE
Profil :;u=2702243
ETH Address: 0xfb9B7ED726049B6Aa2b570F7aED6C85e447c9540


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