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RE: How Not to Design a Garden - But I’m doing it anyways

in #plants3 years ago

Well to be truthful straight away, everything I plant or even look after dies. So don’t feel bad about a 1 in 10 ratio. I’ve got to admit I loved reading about all the new plants you’ve ordered, your obvious passion and enthusiasm shines through like a plants sommelier if that’s a thing. Thank you for sharing and I’d love to see pictures in the spring when it’s all in bloom.


Yeah I’m a bit obsessed. What started as being a small little pastime while I healed from a surgery turned into a passion I never thought I’d be into. Will certainly update in the spring when the plants arrive and I get them in the ground but for now its about 8inches of snow outside to deal with instead.

Always the way it’s the unexpected events or opportunities which end up taking over our lives. I look forward to hearing and seeing how this all turns out. Good luck with the snow though, I think winter is finally on it’s way out here in England as when walking the dog I saw my first snowdrop (white Galanthus) which traditionally heralds the spring over here.

So say all my British friends on Twitter! Hope you handled that storm better than some I saw.

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