Green Plants Photography "spring Season"

in #plants2 years ago


Sometimes its really hard to decide which plants you want to have in the spring Because when you went to buy the plants there are plenty of plant you would love to have.

1 (5).jpeg

Green plants are part of life i want to have lots of plants in my home during this spring season i would love to have more season plants i just Got few of them in my home garden which i would like to share with the steemit friends.

1 (4).jpeg

You want to make you garden full of good looking ,flowers some flowers should be like rose which will give you a pleasant smell and some can be good to eyes.


I have some roses in my garden The rose pictures is here in my Blog today i have not taken many pictures from the rose plant but its love to share it here .




1 (1).jpeg

1 (2).jpeg

1 (3).jpeg


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