How to care for plants when you're not at home

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My job right now requires that I travel 600km away during the week to work there. During this time I will stay in a hotel and my little appartment will just stay cold and empty.

Good for my wallet, bad for my plant

I have a little fern, that is doing a good job cleaning the air, but its not a cactus and he need water regulary. Once week is just not enough.

So I came up with a small irrigation system:

I knew that water will creep along a thread, like oil in a candle. Basically: if one end is wet, the other end will be wet too. Now if I have one end in a Waterbottle, and one end dug into the earth of the plant, the plant will always have enough to drink.

I used a 0,5 l PET bottle and cut the string from a cotton shopping bag. One end I buried in the black earth of my little plant, the other I let hung deep in the bottle.

I put both next to it and let it stand like this for a few minutes.
And behold: the string got gradually more wet from one end to the other.

After another two I began to notice that the bottle was already 1/3rd empty! The rope actually transported too much water, and tried to balance the levels out.

To prevent that, I put the bottle only half as high as the plant.

When I checked the next morning, the plant was still nice wet, but not swimming and the bottle was still pretty full.

I let it stand like this for the next week, and when I came back on a late Friday, the bottel was a third emoptier and the plant still happy.

So with the half liter bottel, I can now sleep well on my trips, knowing that it is well cared for.


you are joel carter?

600km away.
Thats real far.

Hope you cope with ither work stresss fine?

Could we see images of the irrigation system you made 😊😊