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Hi steemians! I got this Succulents Graptopetalum Paraguayense.
It’s just given to me.

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This plant is includes in cacti and other moisture storing specimens. It is a rosette shape on stem which trail or hang. The thick and fleshy leave and stem are the characteristic of most succulent plants.


Thisplants flourish in a mixture of peat, sand or other grit, topsoil and a little bit of compost. The full sun the best but they also grow even if they have a partial sun. They need drainage and moderate water. You can tell when to water these Succulents by sticking your finger in the soil if dry in several inches down or the fleshy leaves dried-up you should water it.

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photos is mine
Do not over water these plants because the root decay and the plants get pest infestations.


You’ll need a:

•Plastic tray with a lid
•Well-draining soil
•Spray bottle

In planting a Succulent seed it is just similar to other plants in planting Succulents. Fill well the tray with a soil and spray it with water until moist but not drenched wet. Place your seeds over the soil in the top. And place them in a sunny aria outside. And spray the soil when dries out. Just keep them damp.


It is an easy care and comes with a rainbow colors. It is a crown flower rosette forming succulents and all Echeveria is splendidly in container and grow well in the garden in mid-summer.

It’s a low grow succulents and an excellent ground covers.

It is comes with a rainbow color from lemon to deep maroon.with their bold forms they are the natural choice for garden.

It’s an ornamental artichoke agave. Spiny specimens in a garden and stunning silhouetted against the walls and hedges.

It is cover by the chalky powder giving them a dusty freshly powdered sugar appearance.

This is mostly from South Africa aloes vary widely from inches totree varieties.its a dessert garden.

This is a South Africa native forming opposing pairs of fleshy leaves.

It’s a common Jade Plant. This diverse genus from South Africa. A Mat forming types magenta flower and grown like geometric patterns.

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You can start in small plants like succulents @bhabykat

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