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Hey Everyone,

My dear friend @lyndsaybowes has this written at the bottom if her posts:
So, here I am.
Imma show you some plants cause that is what I like.

propagation station! So much Jade ♡

assorted cacti and succulents, along with a magical thyme bonsai I grew from seed ♡

isn't it cute? Ming Thing cactus, pretty cool to me

another super cool succulent, with a name I knew and lost...

There are many, many more. And I've been itching to plant again sooo... whats next!

Wanna see more? Do you like plants? Do you know the names of mine?

Take Care,
Amymya ♡

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Awesome to see some of your babies Amy! Woohoo <3 <3 Welcome back too!


Thank you! I have lots, will share more, spread the plant love far and wide ♡

Youre the best plant :)



They are very lovely, the bonsai, is the seed from the market or you collect it somewhere in the woods?


Hey @el-nailul, the seed was just an organic thyme seed bought in a packet many years ago. The thyme shrub took a couple years to grow, then I pruned it and formed its stems into a trunk. Pretty cute :)


That must be a lovely thing to do. I had a stem at home that I planned to prune it. thank for the Idea of how to prune it @amymya

I love your indoor grow selection! Those succulents look really cute, especially the last one! Would love to see a close up of your thyme bonsai too :D


Thank you! I will post more about my bonsai soon, nice to see some interest :)


I look forward to it :)

You are one of the people I followed months and months ago. So good to see the awesome people still steeming!

Plants are life and it is great to see all of that jade taking root!


Thank you! Yes, imma keep steeming, sometimes low and slow but I'm not going away unless steemit does :)
Plants are life and bring such vibrancy and joy to mine, I am glad to be able to share that :)

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