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Learn to see a plan turning in to tree when you water it in the beginning.
But, dont try to cut that tree.
Not everyone can eat the fruit from the tree that he plants.

The sams logic applies to human beings
When you help someone, please dont try to pull their legs if they start succeeding more than you. Instead be happy and see your plant turning into tree. :)
Have a great day.

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What goes around comes around.
Help others and things will work out in your life too!

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Helping others is helping us ourselves. We always have to clear our minds, practice our love and affection unconditionally, not expect anything in return, that's the best way.


Indeed. I totally agree with your point

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"Bravo" Altruism is the most noble of ideals in which we must strive to succeed. "Margaret" oh how my heart yearns to see my dear love once again to sit in contentment in Dove cottage and dream the day away.


I completely agree with you. No doubt about it


me detuve a leer un poco su articulo el cual es muy reflexivo, lastimosamente existen personas que hacen lo imposible por cortar las raíces de los arboles después que empiezan a crecer, o sino tratan de buscar un beneficio propio de la otra persona, yo pienso que nacimos para enseñar y aprender de eso se trata el crecimiento personal..