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Plants that many benefits especially if not coconut, Coconut is a single member in the clan of Cocos of aren-arenan or Arecaceae. This plant is used almost all its parts by humans so it is considered as a versatile plant, especially for coastal communities. Coconut is also the name for the fruit produced by this plant.

This plant is thought to originate from the coast of the Indian Ocean on the Asian side, but has now spread throughout the tropical beaches of the world.

Coconuts can improve the economy of the community, Many uses of coconut, from root to leaf tip can be enabled. Indonesia's plant population is the largest in the world, coconut trees grow about 3 million hectares in Indonesia or 31% of the world's total coconut palms. From here Indonesia should be able to master coconut based products, such as coconut oil products, coir, shell, etc.

Currently for the production of coconut husk, Indonesia is still inferior to India and the Philippines. The efficiency of India's fiber production reaches 50% more, while Indonesia is only 10%. For coconut husk, India and Sri Lanka are the ones who control the world market, while coconut oil is still dominated by the Philippines. All coconut products and raw materials are actually very potential, both in local and international markets. Almost all parts of fruit and coconut trees can be utilized.

Many coconut processed products are found in many markets, namely coconut juice is produced from coconut fruit in Indonesia approximately 900 million liters per year (Sutardi, 2004).

coconut juice is a type of foodstuff and or beverage ingredients processed from coconut water base with added certain composition and processed by using bacteria called acetobacter cyllinum or more specifically referred to as the process of fermentation

Coconut juice is the basic ingredients of the usual product processing made into various types of food / beverage products with various shapes, flavors, and packaging (pack).

As a food / beverage with especially high fiber content. Coconut juice is also for the time that has now begun to be utilized and developed into products other than food / beverages such as the basic material of making glass glass or now being developed and researched periodically and continuously become bulletproof vest material. coconut juice that tastes fresh and delicious that much enjoyed by the community.


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