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Hello dear, goodbye

The plant is ficus and the plant is spreading it in the spring. Separate the stems of 15 centimeters from the mother plant. The white juice is removed and dried. Then, transfer to water and water. Put the water in the cooled water and let it cool until it reaches two months. Root can be roasted if the Root-forming hormone. Immerse the end of the cuttings and apply the sand to the soil. If you do not have the hormone, you directly irrigate the soil or the soil of the air-dried sand or washed sand. We plant roots with a few holes until it is rooted early, with light. Enough and whenever their soil was dried, irrigate whenever the leafy plant was swept Get started with germination. __________________________________

Cultivating this plant helps to sprout the plant and gaio. __________________________________

The maintenance of the phylloxiana; the plant needs to be fed into the soil where the drain is easy to drain and the drainage is also possible so that the water is easily removed from the gelatin.

If your soil dries, water it. I want water twice a week, but check the dirt by hand. If you stick to the soil, you do not want to be wet and irrigate if you do not water it.

If the leaves are burnt and burned, direct sunlight on the plant.

If it breaks, its light is low.

If the bream is yellow, it does not get too much water or roots in the plant and it is thirsty.

If the shaft was loose, the rotten beard plant was irregularly irrigated.

If it's gone, it's hot and warm. __________________________________

Hi, the plant of the ficus is propagated through the stem, the root is separated from the mother plant by fifteen centimeters, and the root of the root is removed and the water interior is disposed of without the salts or the end The root is saturated with the rooting hormon and the inside of the leaf soil + the sand, or the root I'm straight into the gravel, I wash it, I plant it, I'll give it enough light.

When the plant sprouts, take the cover.








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