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You don’t know what you don’t know.

So it’s really interesting when we think we have it all figured out. We make very detailed and specific plans and even link and synch with other people and we check and double check and make sure and we’re certain and then we are ready or we feel we are.
And then the universe has other plans.

And so we have an idea in our minds of the way it will go. What we’ll say, what we’ll do – even down to the pompous point of assuming how we’ll feel.
And then the universe has other ideas.

And so we feel creative and sit down with a blank page or a blank canvas and we pick up our pens and brushes and we sit all set and prepared to let the creativity flow. We observe the colours and have images in our mind of how well this will go. Pencils sharpened and palette clean.
And then the universe has other ideas.

Other Plans 2.jpg

And then the day is over and we’ve worked so hard and we have completed all the tasks we had set for ourselves. We collapse onto our beds and take the end-of-day breath and realise there’s just one more thing we need to do.
Because the universe had other plans.

And then we are faced with strife, with a problem so seemingly insurmountable that we almost feel the pointlessness of existence seeping between our toes like waves along the shoreline. We scramble and struggle and remain without a solution. We don’t recall our strength or even remotely know where to place our energy. We feel the extremity of defeat. And just when we are about reach that point, that point where you know you don’t want to but giving up seems the only logical and even primal solution. It’s like this is what was waiting for you the whole time. And you shrug your shoulders and lower your head and breathe the sigh of defeat….
But then, once again, the universe has other plans…

Other Plans.jpg

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