PLANKTON Token Gives Upvotes and Profit Shares To PLKN Holders With a Minimum of 5 PLKN Holdings (Bought from the DEX)

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Yes, you read it right, we provide this service to the first 100 holders of PLKN! We have not reached 100 but we are more than halfway. Slowly, we are becoming a big school of Plankton working together to boost each other. But first thing, you must know that this service is only available to PLKN buyers from the DEX or direct from @mermaidvampire (in cases that there are issues like mobile version of SE does not work). Therefore, you cannot buy 15 PLKN and give 5 each to 2 people for the 3 of you to get the votes and profit shares. Why is this so? We want people to actually be aware of our existence and appreciate what we want to do. We want them to feel they are part of the Plankton community and they know exactly why such a community exists. We are getting the power from the community and giving it back, therefore we need people who have the heart to support our economy. This project/initiative is not backed by a big fish or anything, we are just small fishes trying to bond all the small fry here to help boost each other to keep growing and steeming while having all the fun.


People who get PLKN for free from Airdrops and Games, you may get the upvotes for a month from our @plankton.token curation trail and @mermaidvampire when you give back 10 PLKN Tokens to @plankton.token.

When we reach the max cap of 100 heads, the number of PLKN holdings needed for this service will increase to 10 PLKN per person in order for the account to add more power to accommodate new heads without depleting the vote weight and the profit sharing.

PS: Selling all and or transferring all PLKN tokens automatically removes you from the upvote list and profit shares distribution.


Ahh. I did transfer 5 plkn to my other account but ended up transferring them back since I wanna hold 100 plkn on my main :D

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That's a good goal. You can collect some free. Some of our posts have free PLKN for resteems. You can also get them free from games from PLKN holders that has games like @atongis, @zephalexia, @otom, @tggr and @mermaidvampire. Thanks for the support!

I'm not a Plankton but I like helping others so I just bought 6 PLKN tokens as you can see here:

I wish your project well! ReSteemed to help the cause. :)

Thank you, we will give you upvotes and daily profit shares. It's too tiny but we will make sure we grow our account and also grow yours, the support from our end can only keep growing while you on the other end just has to hold them tokens. It's as simple as that, you support us, we support you back. Thank you!

Hi, @plankton.token!

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I like this initiative, so I bought 25 PLKN to support it.

Thank you, we will give you profit shares as early as tomorrow and also give you a vote daily. Votes and profit shares are daily. They may be tiny at the moment but as more plankton are coming to join us, the more power we will have so it can only keep growing. Just hold the token and that's it, you will have tiny votes and steems going to your wallet everyday. Have a good one!

You got a 22.01% upvote from @bdvoter courtesy of @plankton.token!

Delegate your SP to us at @bdvoter and earn daily 100% profit share for your delegation & rewards will be distributed automatically daily.

500 SP, 1000 SP, 2500 SP, 5000 SP, 10000 SP.

If you are from Bangladesh and looking for community support, Join BDCommunity Discord Server & If you want to support our service, please set your witness proxy to BDCommunity.

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