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Hi, Plankton Holders and Steemheads!


We will run this program starting today and we all need your help. We had this detailed in our post yesterday: HELP PLANKTON TOKEN REWARD GOOD POSTS & COMMENTS ---TOKEN AIRDROP DISTRIBUTION, please check it out.

We will be needing your help in giving incentives to small fishes in Steemit that do exemplary things like making a good post or a valuable comment. While you help us distribute rewards with the Plankton Token, you will be paid the same amount those authors will get. This will be rewarding for everyone, you as a the referrer, the author you referred and it will help the Plankton Token community realize to give value to its token and make Plankton Token roll its own economy here in Steemit.

I have briefly drafted the criteria that you need to consider in finding good posts and comments. Please note these things. Please try to fulfill all of it. However, we would consider some minor lapses since these could be newbie Steemians but we will make sure to provide feedback and suggest ways to improve because that's part of our goals in helping mold the Steemit platform and make it better.

Post Criteria

(Put the link to the post down in the comments below.)

  • has to be original content
  • topic must fire up interest in people, informative, interesting, motivating, inspiring
  • a post worth resteeming
  • layout and formatting must make it readable
  • no plagiarism, all photo and video sources are cited
  • must have 50 or more words
  • pictures used must be appropriate and related to the topic
    *not a spam or trash (unnecesarily tagging more than 10 people in a post for no reason is also spam, adding too many things not related to the topic is also spam, like putting 10 footers about different things altogether, too much fillers to make the post lengthy is also SPAM)
  • in accordance to good taste (not political agenda, no religious agenda, no discrimination, no hate etc)

Comment Criteria

(You need to tag me under the comment you want to reward. You need to call/tag @mermaidvampire in your reply to the QUALITY COMMENT you saw.)

  • must connect to the thought of the post
  • tone must be pleasant and friendly
  • a complete statement at least 1 sentence not less than 5 words
  • in accordance to good taste (not political agenda, no religious agenda, no discrimination, no hate etc)

Note: more criteria might be added as we go along with this everyday


  • NON-PLKN Holder --- gets 0.1 PLKN for valid referrals and the post owner gets 0.1 PLKN
  • PLKN Holder --- gets 0.1 PLKN for valid referrals and the post owner gets 0.2 PLKN
  • VIP PLKN Holder (20 PLKN and up) --- gets 0.25 PLKN for valid referrals and the post owner gets 0.25 PLKN
  • Richlist PLKN Holder (100 PLKN and up) --- gets 0.30 PLKN for valid referrals and the post owner get 0.30 PLKN


  • Same reward distribution as the POST REWARDS.


Only a total of 10 posts and 10 comments per Steemian and you cannot refer same person twice in the same day.

Exception: Our richlist can personally reward and send money to any Plankton or Minnow from 0.1-0.3 PLKN but he/she cannot reward same person twice in a day. He/she will be rewarded 2x the PLKN he/she has sent to cover the cost and to reward his or her curation efforts. Maximum of 20 posts and 20 comments per day for the Richlist.

For now, @mermaidvampire will be the one to send rewards for all other referrals. All you have to do is refer posts and comments. Hopefully in the future, all our Plankton Holders can have them distributed with the use of automation.

Does this help you?

Yes, even without posting or upvoting people you can earn by helping Plankton reward good posts and comments daily. The tokens you earn everyday doing this activity can be traded in the Dex and turned into your extra earnings. You can also hold on to it and earn staking rewards monthly and you can claim more perks that Plankton Holders can have.

Please be aware of this update, this is another earning opportunity here with the Plankton Token.

Tagging all Plankton Buyers for attention:




This footer GIF was made by @gerber

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Oh! Great idea! There are lots of plankton that deserves some help! Also, now I feel the need to be in the rich list group.... anyways, here's the link of an exceptional plankton!


Thank you, it is so sweet of you to think of me. I am a minnow now, so I don't know if that makes me ineligible. Yep, I finally dragged my SP up to minnow status a couple months ago :)

Yes, minnows are eligible too :)


Steem journey post, made by someone who is only 6 months on steem, i think plankton token is made for users like she.
Trying to support other planktons :)

Well, thank you so much for recommending me for this!! I'm on my way to journey to minnow (~500+ SP) and in the process of growing my SP, I've been recommending my friends join Steem too, and helping create accounts for some via steeminvite!

I think during the time someone is at a point similar to me, still fairly new, but experienced enough to have a good understanding, there is a lot to learn from them. New enough to remember the confusion new users face, and experienced enough to figure out how we can help them understand the platform better and get off to a good start:)

here's from @randomkindness, she deserves to be rewarded for uplifting the lives of our indigenous brothers and sisters and this will not end here if her project will be supported well I think she could extend her hand in some parts of the world too.


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This is my 2nd entry for airdrops distribution...


I find @alphaccino.art wednesday an intersting and informative one...knowing other countries nature park...

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I recommend this post:

I knew this Cebuano @mrnightmare89 months ago and he is so active in steemit.

salamat po ma'am, hehe

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my 3rd entry for airdrop distribution

With his post am motivated to further my study and learning on steem blockchain.

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My 4th entry for airdrop distribution...

This learning the ways of Steem, thus, I recommend...

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plankton token to the moon were here to support plankton token...

This is my entry as Good post

I recommend this post because as my review for the english language I can use here in steemit for my posting...

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my 6th entry for airdrop distribution


I recommended this post because in her project she trained Children to unleash their inner strenght .

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I recommend this post:

Hello @izaid,
He is a young broad minded person I knew in steemit and I love what he did here, that is why I choose him.

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I recommend this post:

Shebis a nice blogger I think.

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