Where Does Name of The Planets Come From ?

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Well we all learned or memorized the name of the planets in our solar system in 1st grade. However did you ever wonder how these planets get their name and what are the origins of them ?


Mercury is a god that delivers messages through other gods and he is basicly flash of the roman mitology. What we really talk about is why did they give the name Mercury to this planet ?. They think Mercury would be a great name for this planet when we consider its speed and hyperactivity and it has lowest orbital duration (88 Days).


Venus is the only planet with a women name in our solar system. It is the name of the goddess of beauty and love in Roman mitology. The main reason why they think this name is suitable for this planet is it is a little more shiny and obvious than the other planets. When all the other planets turn to the counterclock wise Venus turns to clockwise


Mars is god of war in Roman mitology. As you can clearly understand this god is a warmonger and people define him as pain in the ass. This gods main purpose is spill most blood in the war and people hate him for that. The reason why people gave this name to planet is pure outer look. Mars outer look is close to red and people thought that it is similar to blood.

There are plenty of other planets in our solar system but the main idea behind naming is simple they gave ancient god names in roman mitology and I think it is far more poetic than the current numeric naming system for planets.


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That is a good question I really have no idea but it all inspired from roman mithology and greek mithology

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