I would have vomitted if I was in the plane in these pictures!

Its like gta, up and down , here we go.

What happen @ngos, I wonder why a good post like you have receive 900 downvote from 900 accounts.

I also don't understand that, its a nice post with stunning pictures

I personally don't think it's worth 100$ with 70 views

It's not even a day old and the site has been up and down lately.

The older ones from when the site is not having troubles have more than 100 views and lots of comments

I guess photographs are not your thing, even if these type are difficult to get.

can i give some question to you, ..?? i must learn cryto with u,,
owh yahh,, can you check my post, because om not have best voter


Silver falcons maneuvers are very spectacular. Your images tell it all.

Hello Mr ngos
Good camera action.

Camera Angel

That's incredible
It seems you stood one place and watch it go up to the sky and later head down

Very nice indeed we don't have those here in the Philippines hehe

great choice for me , i realy like because i am most interested in adventure

Thanks for your post

How did this post like to everyone else? But I like it. Thank you

Im just so happy to see another South African bit of content on Steemit. Obvious I am from South Africa. For that alone I'll up-vote... though Im new and still learning, I already like what I see. Furthermore, I love these falcons, and have filmed many flying events, all which excite me, but the falcons bring a bit of a homely feel for me here (the first South African thing Ive seen on Steemit... on here day 1). Where do I click haha... time to read more and get more involved here on Steemit. Thanks @ngos for the cool pictures of the falcons.