Gripen deploying countermeasures

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For me this was one of the best shots of the day.

Caught this almost by surprise, never knowing it was coming.

Watching that phosphorous burn and break apart.

These countermeasures are usually deployed to take out a heat-seeking missile that has been fired upon and is tracking the fighter.


Thanks for sharing, @ngos 👍

It may look absolutely amazing when it's nighttime and dark outside 😮

thx for sharing

Yea I totally agree with you looks nice from down below ,almost looks like a painting but were did this occur ? Doesn't appear to be very safe

at an airshow, but done vertically so the phosphorous would burn out midair

Ok that's really cool

Cool pic and great post! Yea i enjoy watching military exercises where multiple planes and helicopters shot out flares! Keep it up and beat wishes from kenentertainment!

Yes it works quite well and protects the pilot.

I have to admit and confess that this is the best post av seen today
I love to read each and every post of yours, I make sure that whenever I am free I read the whole post.

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oui c'est incroyable de ta part un bon travailles continuer @bakabou159704

I love to read each and every post of yours
I have to admit that this is is the Best post av seen today . who else agrees??

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Amazing but horrifying!

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Cool capture, which airshow was this taken ?

the best think

Thaks gor sharing this amazing shot

Just like fireworks. . Cool