Chopper action

in #planes4 years ago

Banking turn.

A more gradual maneuver.

I wonder what's with the pilots orange suit?


Thats a pretty sick chopper you got there, I would love to have one like that lol ;) Nice pics too

you can say that again @cyberblock, its really a great chopper, wondering about the orange uniform though @ngos.

Nice helo, im in school to become a a&p mechanic. (Aircraft mechanic for those that dont know)

Ammazing chopper.

I have no idea what the suits are for. All I know is you have captured some amazing shots!!

Photo yang bagus

nice your photography i will done upvote

Maybe it is an inmate transer. He could be a criminal. but then again who knows>

Hey, love the stills!
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I think orange color is for the danger to keep away from the pilot....incidents can happen anytime .....😁

wow very nice Banking turn.

Pilots who fly over sea or snow wear orange coveralls so that they can be seen easily incase of crash or emergecies. That's what i know.

great clicks with sharp camera

wow beautiful helicopter. I like to travel more in a helicopter than in a plane. although I do not like to fly but if I have to choose I prefer to do it by helicopter. the sensation is great. and what is the uniform is interesting will be if it remains alive after an accident is easier to identify? jejeej I do not know but interesting the question :) I follow you

amazing click man, this requires photography skills and you have got plenty of it, well done...

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Thats a pretty sick chopper you got there, I would love to have one like that lol ;) Nice pics too

heroic moment ... look like heroes movie ....

Woww ! I just love these choppers <3 and now to think of it, i really wonder why do pilots have orange suits?

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