Wind Manipulates Planes When Landing "Video"

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 moving the wind by the movement of air masses in the horizontal direction because of differences in atmospheric pressure and move the movement of wrestling in areas where the pressure is low where the deviation of critical wind because of the rotation of the planet around the sun and the first source of wind energy is Solar energy and the difference of heating the earth between the equator and the poles of the North and South and also the variation of heating the earth by sea and oceans and the variation of heating of valleys and hills and mountains and also because of the rotation of the earth around the axis The general rule that the wind speed is increasing because of the increase in height somewhat This base is completely reversed, especially in the mountain passes because the air layers adjacent to the earth moving at lower speeds than the high areas because of the friction resulting from those layers on the surface of the earth This explains the accidents of aircraft during the landing because the winds are at the highest levels of landing, Airport 


Oh i never seen something like this, 🙄 didnot even try searching on youtube, thanks for share

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