Torpedo the Plagiarists! --- #5

in plagiarism •  11 months ago

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Below you can find several plagiarized posts from a few users. Help me prove this isn't okay in the Steemian sea.

In the comment section of all these posts, you can find the source. Please flag as many of these as your SP allows.

(This has been edited so the plagiarism is gone, though the person doesn't deserve the rewards it got when there was plagiarism. Check for changes.)

This post is valued at 5.04 SBD as of writing this.

This post is valued at 0.90 SBD as of writing this.

This post is valued at 1.68 SBD as of writing this.

The next user has edited both his posts to hide the plagiarism. Before editing, the user managed to get some SBD. You can check the edit history using

This post is valued at 0.53 SBD as of writing this.

This post is valued at 0.31 SBD as of writing this.

If you believe I have marked something as plagiarism in error, please provide mutual linkbacks in the original post to prove your ownership.

If you want more plagiarists to flag, feel free to check my comment stream for information.

Working for a clean ocean with fish that do not need to worry about thieves.

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Nice to see some people are perhaps learning their lesson from these posts. But they don't deserve to have earned SBD from stolen content!