Partial Destruction: Progress of Torpedo #1 (and how Submarine will be handling plagiarism)

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Yesterday I posted about a user with several posts of plagiarism. The combination of community effort--I'm not naming names because I don't want to encourage retaliation--and the efforts of @steemcleaners has allowed us to return a lot of rewards to the pool (over 15 SBD). Thank you everyone.

I'd also like to discuss how I'll be handling plagiarism. Previously, I had reported them all to steemcleaners, but my purpose is to decrease their burden. I also want to give the plagiarists a chance to learn from their mistakes--a lot of them don't understand the crimes they're committing.

Therefore, I will give all of the plagiarists with low reward posts (below 1 SBD) on my radar three chances. They will get comments from me as warning, and if they keep up with the plagiarism they will be reported the third time. This way, the plagiarists will hopefully better understand what they're doing is wrong and learn from that, and steemcleaners will get less work.

For users with a lot of posts with higher payout posts, I will post again for the community to help out in flagging. If they are out of our reach, I will report them to steemcleaners.

Thanks to recent delegations I am also able to return the very low payout posts to 0 SBD. While it's not very effective, it will still show the plagiarists that they won't make anything that way.

Working for a clean ocean with fish that do not need to worry about thieves.


Keep it up! I report lots to @steemcleaners, it's nice to have more people (sorry that's anti submarine of me) dedicated to cleaning up the huge plagiarism issue I see on a daily basis!

Thank you for taking the time to report! If everybody took the time to report plagiarism, there'd be much less.

Yes absolutely @submarine, I agree strongly with giving people who might not know better a good chance (proper guidance):

They will get comments from me as warning

Suggestion for inclusion in warning template: a link to an educative post which (to your sub-marine mind of course :) nails what Steemit is really about....the anarchophilosophy/abundance-thinking-sharing/non-fear-based-approach kinda stuff, which, to my mind, it is about (sorry no example to provide, nothing jumps out - just a humble suggestion, you prob. have your own anyway!).

Thanks for the suggestion. I recently added an extra bit to my comments that explains the plagiarism law.

If you are unsure about what's legal, this link has great information:
Although US focused, the rules around copyright and the damage that can be done to your reputation are very similar in most countries. It is additionally scorned in the Steem sea and is a flaggable offense.

I might also add a link that explains Steemit if they are new.

Hello and good evening @submarine Thank you working on my content kindly last 7/8 my post removed and believe pay from the pocket on each post 1.5 SBD on each post which is verous for me and i work last 7/8 days on those post may you feel it is my content I post this act of submarines me and reputation we freelancer working online last several years and we respect every Faq and rules and regulation and i will respect in future that not any theft items are post kindly considered my apeal and plead for allow my posts i will issure i will be care full and i will be work on regular basis as request for reinstate my power and posts i will be grea full of you thank you

Hello, @alidervash

This is the definition of plagiarism (link):

the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

Changing a few words here and there does not make the content your own.

I look forward to seeing original content on your blog from now on.

1.5 SBD on each post thank you.

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