Plagiarism has become one of the most profitable means of revenue on Steemit

in plagiarism •  2 years ago

Apparently Steemit has become a community where you can rip other people's work and strike gold. What's worse is some of the community has become accepting of such behavior. Please remember when you up vote something, you reward the author with not only SP and SBD also you boost that particular users reputation.

In this example, the author edits his article to include the source, but only after being hounded and realizing he might risk his payout. But is this really acceptable? 

Some people don't seem to care, I would like to see us being more mindful of our votes and remember that other people can be persuaded to also vote simply by the current voters.

I personally would like to see this community continue to do what it has been doing, promoting new and original content.  

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Agreed! People can and should site info from other sites, But never plagiarize.
Luckily we have bots that are pointing it out when necessary, I feel like people are becoming more intolerant of that.

Even though I'm new here, but i've seen some examples the prove your point.

I'm going to copy and past this post to prove your point.. Ha. :)

It's not acceptable! Few hours ago I read about one guy who copied whole story! The other one from original was peaced.
There is a line you should never cross it to earn money, plagiarism is one of that line.

I find value in being able to come to a site like this and see content from all over the internet aggregated into one single place, so I don't have to scour the entire internet myself to keep up with the happenings in a subject of particular interest to me. For instance, if the subcategory ethereum gives me articles, blogs, documents, tweets, ect. from many different sources and aggregates it into one convenient feed, then I find value in it, and I will up-vote the people who are willing to bring all that content into one central location like steem. That said, they should cite their sources or I won't upvote it.

If an author wants to collect the money from posting on this site, then they should post their own content here before someone else does. After all, its just a simple copy and paste.


There is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

If they are not aware of then how can they do that?

It shouldn't be the responsibility of a content creator to scour the far recesses of the internet trying to protect his property. If we had to do that all day, there would be no time to eat, sleep and create the content that others profit from with 2 minutes of copy and pasting.

All of these are excuses in order to be able to enjoy or even profit from others work without having to pay them or be inconvenienced to actually go to the original content providers website.

We can do better, and should do better. This site is still in beta and working out it's identity. We don't want a FB clone or Reddit clone or Medium clone. We want our own paradigm changing platform that will be it's own unique entity.


This should be trending, because its a serious issue i think!I dont think it should be accepted to be honest!