I was downvoted for calling someone out for their plagarism, name called, told to go to hell and more. Here's what being the better man looks like.

in plagarism •  8 months ago

I was downvoted the other day for calling someone out on their plagiarism.

big kitty teeth.jpg

I didn't downvote their post.

When my post was downvoted, I reported it to @steemcleaners and asked them to investigate.

Later, I get a new comment in which he calls me an idiot, tells me to go to hell and to learn to mind my business.

Name calling, downvoting, intimidation and all of the other stuff you want to sling, doesn't change the truth. It doesn't change the fact that I'm right.

You think your remarks bother me? Only in the fact that I can see right through your desperate attempts at self-preservation, attempts to be intimating and exert control.

Take a number and get it line.

Doesn't matter. I'm right. Unless you can prove what you're saying, I know I'm right.

Here's the thing. I know you're not going to because I'm right. You also feel the need to try and put a woman "in her place." I could tell from your remarks.

That joke you told that's been floating around on the internet, claiming it's your experience, has been floating around pretty much, I'm guessing from the looks of your pictures -- since eh -- either just before you were born or since you were maybe a toddler?

I guess expected more integrity out of the platform.

And I STILL haven't downvoted you.

I suppose others will expect me to call you out by name. Anyone who is curious enough can go search my logs and find out on their own.

And that is what being the better man looks like here.

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