pakistan is a beautiful place

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-Neelum Valley
The Neelum Valley Located in Azad Kashmir Region & presents an attractive view for the tourists due to its amazing lush Greenery, streams, lakes & springs. There are a lush green forests & towering mountains which adds an extra beauty to this place

Kumrat Vally
While inside the valley, one comes across many gushing water mountain springs, the musical sound of which add to the scenic beauty of the area, breaking the stillness of this calm and serene valley.

There are many places in kumrat vally which very famous for thire natural beauty,
Lakes , Mountains, Landscape, Tallest Trees, Waterfalls, Rivers, and much more.

Absolutely Beautiful
Tourists from all over the world travel to Pakistan in order to get enthralled by the rare yet spectacular tourist destinations. Thereby, popular destinations throughout the country are crowded with the hustle and bustle of the tourists. However, there are places in Pakistan that are absolutely beautiful yet they still are not talked about
the name means very cold and thereby the place is a perfect depiction of the name. It is a popular spot in the summer season because of its low temperatures his is because of the different yet spectacular landscapes, which Mother Nature has blessed the country with. Be it the mighty mountains that stand in all their glory in different parts of the country, or the jaw-dropping views that the various rivers and lakes provide to the passersby, Pakistan has got it all.

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