Steve Scalise/Shot Over Investigation into Pizza Gate.

in pizzagate •  last year

Was Mr. Scalise targeted for his work to stop the pedophile networks around the country?

It's hard to say what was the motive behind the shooting but as of result of it voting on bills in the house have stopped.

Here's one of the bills that has been delayed because of the shooting.

  • Bill HR 436 - To prioritize the fight against human trafficking within the state department...

One of the congressman that rushed to Mr. Scalise's aid after the shooter was killed was congressman Wenstrup who wrote an op-ed titled - Human trafficking: as easy as ordering a pizza. (Any relations to the pizzagate scandle? I think so.)

The shooter apparently stayed in his car for two months and showered at the YMCA across the street from the baseball field were the congressman were practicing. He very well could of been some windup toy for the deep state or at the very least got his marching order from the propaganda spewing liberal media that has been calling for the killing of government officials and this poor dumb-downed liberal took the bait.

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Could very well have been the case, these people have all the means and will stop at nothing..


Exposing evil satanic pedophile serial killers... satan's little helpers.
They are Possessed beast worshipers!!!
Their souls are damned to roast in hell for all eternity.
Shame on them!!!

I just like truth, and I hate scum. Which, you'd think would be normal but... maybe not.

What we are really talking abot is the mass production line satanic RAPE, TORTURE & MURDER of

defenseless little children.

W E - H A V E - T O S T O P - T H E S E - M O N S T E R S - N O W ! ! !

Great job noticing this connection.. No doubt its connected. Its sort of a great way to scare these chickenhawks from looking deeper into anything that certain parties wouldnt want them looking into

We humans are fast to conclusion and judgement even if we do not have all the facts. Lets take it slow and do our own coomprehensive reseach before comming to a conclusion. I wish the congressman and his family well.

Pizzagate is Real, ask Ben Swann...

Yea Pizza gate was true, even Alex Jones told about this. Your articles need be upvoted more, cos this info need to get out there to the public! gj

Every time their is a mass shooting I always ask myself, ok what's the real story behind this.

How could this guy get so close to these congressmen? Lousy security? And another thing he was shooting for ten minutes the people there should be thankful he was a lousy shot or at least had bad eye sight, cause I don't shoot well but if I have human targets 50 feet away and fire 100 shots, especially with a rifle I'm sure I'll down much more than this guy did.


Apparently the NY Times tipped the shooter off back in April and said these congressman practice at this baseball field in plain cloths with capital police waiting in a black suv in the parking lot. Obviously this guy was new to shooting guns because AR-15s are deadly accurate at 100 yards or less.


Yes, but why would the cops in a black suv let him shoot for ten minutes, I take it they are well trained, I don't think they would put just any cop to guard congressmen, this shouldn't have lasted more than 2 minutes.


You mean these congressmen have been practising for this game since April?