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David Shurter is interviewed on the Richie Allen Show about his involvement in the murder of countless children growing up in a satanic cult in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha happens to also be the center of the Franklin Scandal surrounding Boys Town catholic orphanage.

This interview was conducted in February, 2016, well before the Pizzagate scandal broke. Shurter discusses his Rabbit Hole book and names known abusers from the Franklin Scandal such as Lawrence King and Allen Baer. He also names US billionaire Warren Buffet as being involved in the Omaha pedophile ring. Comparisons are made to the revelations in the UK surrounding Jimmy Savile and former Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Some of the topics Allen and Shurter cover include child hunting parties, necrophilia, satanic ritual murder and the wealthy and powerful abusers.

"I was raised to be the anti-Christ."

"They were hoping I would become a psychopath."

"I was forced to murder young boys and this is all below the age of ten."

"I was forced to have sex with their corps."

"What I have a problem with right now is, in the UK the only focus is on dead guys (Savile & Heath)."

Video of Richie Allen Show Interview February 2, 2016