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Is This the Actual Start of Real Arrests Regarding #PizzaGate? Search Warrant Executed

Is Alderman Thomas Katsiantonis I now officially will refer to as "Pedo Kats" the first pending arrest to be seen in this #PizzaGate scandal? Here I believe we have the first potnetial arrest of a potentially directly connected low level individual. Will they offer him a deal to get "Pedo Kats" to testify against others that are higher up and involved? That would make a lot of sense to me. They just executed a search warrant on his businesses.

Here is the Article about the Search:

This "Pedo Kats" individual ran three businesses all of them Pizza Shops. The Pedo Pizza Shops are "Zoey's Pizza", "Grand Slam Pizza", and "Tommy K's". All of them were located in Manchester, NH. According to the Article:

"Katsiantonis was elected to the Board of Aldermen in 2011. A democrat, he is serving his sixth term as a New Hampshire State Rep, and sits on the State-Federal Relations, and Veterans Affairs committees. According to the NH General Court website, Katsiantonis has not been present for a roll call vote since Jan. 4, 2017, and missed the last 19 votes this session, where he is listed as “not voting/not excused.” Source

Search Warrant Executed for a Financial Investigation

The search warrant is sealed and it does not say what they were searching "Pedo Kats" businesses for. Just says a financial investigation. Take that as you will.

Another Article on This Search Warrant Conducted:

Images of Katsiantonis With Obama and Hillary Clinton:

It seems that Mr. Katsiantonis is directly connected to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Considering the many connections between Hillary Clinton, the Podesta's and Obama to now known pedophiles and suspected persons of interest in this #PizzaGate Case. I think this is the first search warrant that may lead to an arrest in the #PizzaGate scandal of a low level person to allow them to nail the rest of these psychopaths. However that is just a theory, what do you the readers think?

Image 1 Katsiantonis with Hillary Clinton:

Image 2 Katsiantonis with Barack Obama:

Big Thanks to These two Twitter Handles for sending me the links and photos:

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The photos of him with Hildabeast and Obama are new to me, but amazing finds. Nice work!

I don't know yet. It could be


If this leads to "Pedo Kats" testifying against the rest of the PizzaGate Conspirators. Then yes this is huge.

Hum, getting rid of politics and pedophilia at the same time?!?


Indeed, also huge considering all these discussions didn't get censored on steemit, wish I could say the same thing about other platforms...

I say HUGE. Going after the little fish first.... This made my day!!!!

5000+ views! Amazing, keep it up!

Is there anything linking Kats to being a pedo?

No, it's just a hunch on my part. I may be jumping the gun. Just seems like it to me.

I had to update this a few times to correct errors.

Lets hope this is just the start of something much bigger unrevieling finaly

Great post on Pizzagate! Keep it up. These people need definitely to be investigated and brought to justice if they are in fact, involved in child trafficking and more.

Dean You are doing such amazing work. I salute you. Stay safe and #SavetheChildrenGlobal Prosecute One Beast at a Time
Fight Until the #LastBeastFalls

Outstanding- you're reaching critical mass once you have peeps feeding you good material. Great post. Thank you

I know its a stretch of a connection but thought worth noting.

I did a surface dig and I see HRC had "a couple of unannounced stops in Manchester", NH 2/11/ 2007. Whilst there she visited 2 pizza restaurants and attend 2 "house party-style" events.

New Hampshire Visits - Democratic Prospects - revised July 14, 2008

On February 11 she started with a couple of unannounced stops in Manchester, first visiting with customers at Pappy's Pizza and Family Restaurant, and then meeting with labor leaders and officials at The Chateau restaurant ; attended a house party-style "Conversation with Granite Staters" at the home of Alan and Joan Reische in Manchester; attended house party-style "Conversation with Granite Staters" at the home of Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli in Nashua; and conducted a town hall-style "Conversation with Granite Staters" at Keene High School in Keene.

In fact its worth searching for pizza on that page. Some interesting names come up. Biden and Obama being 2.

Katsiantonis and Pappy's Pizza appear in this Article from 2017. funnily enough about money troubles in the local pizza industry.

It is 10 years apart but if this kind of stuff has been going on for years like we all suspect then its entirely possible something happened in 2007.

This is all I could do for now as I'm working on my first post and getting to know my way around steemit.

Oh hellz yes! Finally!



I think speculation at this point is pointless. If there are any connections to #Pizzagate, we can expect this pedo to be found dead in an alley somewhere.

It could just be speculation, I just want to document this guy's connections and this arrest.

OH DEAR ....

We should check his name against WH logs

Trump did send us a message on twitter:
"as we wait for what should be an easy DL"

Most have overlooked that he did not finish the sentence until the Japanese PM was in his was back home.
See @demicanwl for info

Glad to see an arrest happening and the direct ties to O and H.