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The Investigation into the Pizza Gate Scandal Continues...

This is my update video on PizzaGate, Please Watch:

This is the continuing investigation into the #PizzaGate scandal, there are some new updates.

  1. BBC Is a joke here is their hit piece:

  2. Obama's house is right near Tony Podesta's:

  3. Run2Christ Simpsons Video:

  1. TruthMediaRevolution Pizza UnderGround Video:

  1. Jimmy Comet Instagram pic is Antinous:

  2. Jimmy Comet caught lying: Bucks Has a basement:

  3. Music in the Intro / Outro: YtCracker "Hacker Music":

Peace Everyone!

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Comment by: Erik Persson on Youtube:

Hey guys, I don't know if anyone's already looked into this but I was searching for info about L'Enfant Cafe, who is owned by Christopher Lynch, the guy from the Alifantis photos standing between 2 half-naked guys, wearing a t-shirt saying "Je heart L'Enfant"(I love the child), and I stumbled across La Boum Brunch, and clicked my way into this site: where I found a link saying "Introducing 'La Boum Boum Room --- the sexier side of La Boum and "DC's most original nightlife experience", Saturdays @ 11pm! and when I clicked on the link I came to this site: Since the owner of L'Enfant Cafe is affiliated with Alifantis and the fact that the name of his cafe translates into "The Child", I think we definitely should look closer into what this is all about. Any photos displaying these premises should be closely dissected as we might find more leads such as hidden symbolism, weird artworks etc. Also the people involved with these premises should be looked into. Ultimately if we could create some kind of "who's who", that would be great. More suspicious evidence: Check this sites logo: And check this sites logo: Alright people, stay strong and keep up the good work!

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