New James Alefantis #PizzaGate Instagram Images and Comments Part 1 - Steemit Exclusive

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This is the First Drop of New James Alefantis Instagram Images Since PizzaGate Broke

A "fan" of mine was able to get Jimmy Comet to accept them as a friend, so I was able to get access to these private images from his Instagram account. As James Alefantis is a person of interest and a public figure, I am publishing these images for private investigators to analyze for signs of pedophilia. This steemit post is the first release, but not the last release.

These are the first images I am releasing to the public. I am not going to add any analysis of them in this post, I will do a video analysis of these later.

The Photos / Comments

The new James "Jimmy Comet" Alefantis instagram photos and comments since PizzaGate broke and he made his account "private", which in today's world just means harder to see.

Image 1:


Image 2:

alefantis new.png

Image 3: (Already Published?)




Image 4:





Image 5


Image 6



Image 7


Image 8





Image 9






Please feel free to analyze and dig through these for now. I will publish the rest soon. I will also be doing my own analysis of these images on my YouTube channel which I will post here on steemit and on Dtube and Dlive as well.

For a refresher of #PizzaGate see my documentaries on it:

Hard Evidence Against James Alefantis of hosting Child Porn: Link

PizzaGate the UnAnswered Questions Documentary: Link

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    They're pretty open about their depravity. I'm praying God smite them all. Any who would hurt or abuse children I pray he strike down.

    Yeah, I made the connection to Yousef Otaiba thanks to these new images I had been looking for. His wife is commenting here and there house was "accidentally" burnt to the ground right after PizzaGate broke and it was known as an "Art Museum" and "Party Mansion". Otaiba himself is involved with prostitutes admittedly according to an article I have covered in the past. It's all coming together now.

    cupcake is one of the 12,000 words used in Pedo Code. It means young girlish boy, which sickeningly fits the description of this child... im going to go throw up now...

    Cupcake: young girlish boy, though not necessarily gay …
    cupcakes; small but rounded buttocks, most temptingly found on narrow
    hipped boys. Syn: English Muffins; hone rolls; hot cross buns;
    rounders. “Ask that kid with the rounders if he’d be interested in
    joining in an ancient Greek initiation rite.”

    Ew, what in the actual fuck...good info. Also going to puke. Ughhh. Of course Greek! These mother fuckers!

    Don't know who J. Scott Hagar is but that fat tattooed guy is Matty Matheson from 'Munchies' youtube channel which is owned by Vice.

    Up-voted and re-steemed. I can't believe this sick fuck is boasting that he has more photographs of boys "imagine how many pictures have not been posted yet". Why is he not in jail! #saveusQ Check out his interview in this 2012 video, super-weird international ping pong group, Alefantis restaurant in Berlin and his co-owner "Dr Pong".

    How can George Webb make videos saying he is friends with this guy?

    Webb said he was friends with J. Alefantis?

    Webb revealed his true colors- he's a pizzagate 'debunker'

    Yeah I confronted him on twitter about it, they posted an image together.

    "Day 56.7 Comet Pizza to Meet My Friend James Alefantis"

    Even after everybody called him out on it, he hasn't changed the title or taken the video down. Webb calls him "a good CIA guy"

    Steve, I do not remember him saying "Meet my friend James Alefantis." Did he say those words somewhere?

    Exactly my thoughts when I saw that comment. This pedophile is still bragging about his sick sexual activity.

    Cheers, Steve. There is more images to come.

    yeah .. the comments on picture 8.. these guys love his "boys" pic's.. this is just sick & disgusting.

    Thank you for sharing. All of your posts have been upvoted and resteemed. I am spreading the word to everyone I know to see this. He continues to boast about how he hasn't gotten caught yet. He has gone on a power trip because he has gotten away with so much. He will be found out though, no doubt. I'm hoping one of those sealed indictments have Alefantis' name on it.

    We need to put more serious heat on this arrogant, vile, pedo POS. More boy pics aye?

    j.scott_hagar: "Now that that's behind you I think it's time for you to start posting pictures of BOYS again!!"
    jimmycomet: "Imagine how many pictures have not been posted yet"

    My heart sinks thinking of how many more victims there have been while law enforcement drags their feet...

    That is what I think about every day! It is just plain travesty that this is going unchecked, and with the blessings of the mass (cancerous) ene-me-y-dia.


    Awesome work! #realnews indeed, these sick creeps. They have some real cojones bragging about it.

    Hello FBI, anybody home!

    Sick, sick human. Upvoted and resteemed, thank you and your inside guy!

    Wow all those screenshot are very interesting :)

    Highly rEsteemed!



    THANK YOU TITUS the work you do is unbelievable and the lack of recognition this get is terribly depressing. I watched an interview with an expert in subversion. He said it takes 10-15 years to demoralize a nation (lenghth of timebit takes to educate one generation of youth) talked about how there becomes a point inwich the demoralization of a country will effect the populations grasp over reality in a way that cannot be reversed by any knowledge, proof, or even by witnessing the truth themselves. This makes subversion like a virus. Its a tactic that can only be stopped by the complete removal of those people and thier demoralizied ideology.

    It's terrifying to notice that we are a country victimized by this psychological warfare.

    i have been struggling with sanity trying to open peoples eyes I am flabbergasted by the way people dont see what is wrong inside these cryptic communications. people will not accept any of these connections as enough proof implicating these people in such deporable acts. The fact these people wont even say there is enough circumstantial evidence to warrant at the very least an unbias investigation from police is frustrating and literally knocks on the wall of insanity. There are some people who have an irreversible demoralized idolology and no truth can change that.

    what a war we have if that's what we fight

    Yes I still cant believe most people are alseep. 😭😭😭😭😭

    My analysis of the photos. I posted to Twitter, but thought I'd drop it here too:

    This is really great news. So glad you did not give up. Lets get the rest ou before anything happens to them. Great work!

    Fair to assume this J. Scott Hager isn't your insider correct?


    Love this article. You are my first subscribe on here STEEMIT yeah

    What is hidden will be made known. Keep up the fight.

    glad you are here in Steemit. Sadly, David Seaman is missing this boat. Glad you are picking up where he dried out.

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