March on Comet Pizza on March 25th - PizzaGate is PedoGate - Taking a Short Break

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March on Comet Pizza on March 25th - #PizzaGate is #PedoGate - Taking a Short Break

There is going to be a Protest to raise awareness about PizzaGate and calling for an investigation in DC on March 25th, 2017. I am donating all the STEEM from this post to the cause, along with all the money I got from Patreon this month, about $100 bucks USD to help fund the march.

The March is on March 25th, at Lafayette Square (basically the White House) in Washington DC Starting at 11am. I may be there in person. If I was an independent journalist funded by you the viewers I would be there.

Meet at Lafayette Sqaure!

Who's House? Our House lulz! Let the walls of the White House reverberate with "PizzaGate is Pedogate Investigate!". Here is where everyone is meeting:

Please Enjoy the Video on YouTube

Video is Also on

Video is Also on BitChute:

Big Thanks to @thelightreports for Putting this Together!

Here is the info on the march:

We are literally seeing the power of Steemit come together for good with this. It is truly an amazing thing to see.

Music Credits:

"Never Forget" - Steve Grant: Video Link

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So, this post earned about 28 STEEM and I am transferring 30 STEEM for the march as I said I would:

I don't normally resteem but I resteemed this one.
Wait a minute. There are 31 views and 292 votes. Hmm.... I don't begrudge you of getting rewards from votes but this means only 31 people read your post. I hope my resteem helps. That's far too small a Mersenne prime number of people.

The video in the post has over 3,000 views and I have almost 20,000 subs, so in a few days of time it will likely break 10,000 views. Just saying.

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