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Ok folks- this Investigate Pizzagate Demonstration in DC movement is gaining some serious STEEM!

Just got an email from Sean who produces the SGTreport on YouTube and is a top #pizzagate investigator / Sean is going to try to get a promotional video out for the demonstration in the next hour or so and also asked if we could do a 10 minute interview next week which he will of course broadcast to his 150,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Here's Sean's YouTube channel-
please go and subscribe to show your appreciation for his willingness to assist in promoting the March 25th INVESTIGATE PIZZAGATE Demonstration in DC at The White House/ Lafayette Park.

Immensely grateful for all the support to this point from everyone!

It's very important that this remain a peaceful, positive, and informative demonstration. Security is a TOP priority as I know that if we haven't already, that very soon we will be attracting the attention of the George SoreASS satanic pedophile crowd who will without question do what they can do disrupt this protest and inject violence into what will be a PEACE FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH demonstration.

I've got a few aces up my sleeve in regards to security that I of course cannot disclose but if the George SoreASS thugs think that they will be threatening or harming peaceful protesters that attend this demonstration then they've got another thing coming- they've never messed with a Wolfe and if they make that foolish mistake I can assure you that they'll never make it again.

Also happy to report that fundraising is going well- we're almost at the $1,000 mark which means we will for sure have some nice banners signs and brochures BUT there is distinct purpose behind the 10k goal listed on the GoFundMe page.

Honestly I'm sort of surprised as to how many good people have steeped up and donated gifts of $100 or more. On the flip side I'm a little disappointed in the small number of donors. Those that have given have been very generous but I'd really love to see more $5, $10 & $20 contribution. People numbers build momentum and reflect large support. Can you please reconsider donating even just $5? In fundraising the number of people donating is as critical as the average amount each donor gives.

I know times are tough for many folks but can't you spare just $5 knowing that maybe, just maybe, your small gift could literally possibly have an impact on sparing a young child from being abducted, raped, tortured, and even murdered? Can you maybe stop at 7-11 for your coffee for two days straight as opposed to a Grande Latte' from Starbucks?

Just so you know I have scaled back my contracting schedule dramatically for the next thirty days and will be dipping into savings to put food the table because THIS is my top priority- it has to be- can you at least make it a $5 priority for you?

More important than donating is actually having good people who are fed up with satanic pedophiles abducting, raping, and even ordering our children with impunity. I mean if this is our chance- humanity's chance to regain control of this planet and dislodge the core evil that has subjugated us all for our entire lives.

So you know I understand exactly what I am getting into here- I have now stepped up daily security procedures because I am fully aware that as this movement / demonstration gains steam so too does the bullseye grow on my forehead- just a little food for thought if you're contemplating what a great burden it may be to you to throw 10 or 20 bucks towards this cause or better yet coming to DC for event day to assist in evoking positive change.

Love you all- that's why I'm doing this and I know without a doubt that our love will overcome this core evil and for all !

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All aboard!

@TheJohalFiles and everyone else- immensely grateful for your support and protection!

Hi, I'm Tweeting this a lot. A couple RTs. We need a big bold MEME to flash around. Also are you getting some speakers like PizzaGate Angela, David Seaman, Titus Frost, etc? HS Anon: "What Deep State fears most is public outcry over pedophilia."

I have contacted and have promotional support from all the biggest names in pizzagate reporting- yet to be determined who will attend- that''s in the works- I'd like to suggest that nobody worry about who is speaking- there's plenty to say and there will be plenty of people to say it including yourself- I'm no stranger to a bullhorn and have plenty to say myself- if budget allows and National Park Service agrees we will have a stage and a public address system- regardless of how glitzy the demonstration is NOTHING matters more than regular decent folks turning up even if they don't say a word. Hope you can make it and if you can afford it please donate- up to $1,350 and if we reach our 10k goal- which I suspect we will once some promo campaigns from some big names kick in we'll have all the stuff we need. Please donate if you are able and most importantly please come and bring your friends- also in the process of securing pro live streaming- perhaps several pro live streamers.

I'm seeing a lot of Seaman trashing for ???making money, lack of research, a book on Amazon w/different author names...whatever: all this serves to weaken the movement. Seaman bashing is counterproductive. Soros/Clinton/PEDOS are loving this.

My patreon took a major hit for exposing Seaman, I am now down under $100, but I will donate whatever ends up being collected to this cause. Peace!

Here I announced it, you can hopefully count on this amount of $106 - minus what patreon takes for the march in like a day or so when I get the money from patreon. Peace!

ImperatorTruth Titus Frost tweeted @ 01 Mar 2017 - 15:08 UTC

Just to be 100% transparent, I will be donating my $106 - minus patreon fees = about $98 bucks or so to this =>……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Grateful- thanks for your ongoing support- will you be able to attend the event in DC on March 25th?

IDK honestly, I have a full time job, I have a 1 year old child. I would love to of course and I will do my best but I can't make any guarantees.

Completely understand- if you can work it out I've most likely got a place for you to stay no charge-

Titus- my telephone number is in an email I sent feel free to call sometime so I can pick your brain on event ideas- I've sent two follow up emails but haven't heard back- perhaps they went into junk mail? [email protected]

Likely, I didn't see the emails so I'll check my spam file.

By the way I have been suspended from twitter.

@titusfrost - just had an important phone call- its imperative that you can I have a telephone conversation- my telephone number is at the bottom of my emails sent to you- feel free to block your number if you prefer to keep your number private- the sooner we talk the better. Thanks

Fascists- SMH

I have not had the time to do an investigation of my own into this matter, if you could point me to a good source of information that I can read up on I would be happy to donate a little money if I am convinced this is true. Thank you

@titusfrost - here on steemit- has, in my opinion, just completed the most comprehensive overview assembled to date in his three part documentary- just released part 3 yesterday. Here's a link to his most recent post but I suggest you search his other posts and start with part one.........

If your short on time and would like to browse less comprehensive source check out this ebook........

Welcome to the rabbit hole- I look forward to your support and hope you can make it to the Investigate Pizzagate demonstration in DC on March 25 at The White house /Lafayette Park.

Question- an hour or so ago the value of this post was over $20- now it's $7- can anyone tell me how I can tell who, if anyone is down voting? And just to be clear I'm not bellyaching about this post being valued at $7- that in itself seems reasonable- I'm just trying to understand the sharp decline in such a short period of time.

Perhaps a whale or two had poured on lots of steem into the post in order to help repel down vote assaults and now that that is over the dialed it back? Just trying to understand how this all works. I know how to check each voters vote by looking each one of the up but I'd love to know where I can go and see all on one page the voting activity of each voter to this post so if the future I can quickly figure out who is down voting and then perhaps be able to determine why. Thanks

@krnel- do you know how to do this?

CIA I believe is taking off my followers, I believe. Goes up up then down down everyday about the same. Psy Op @lynnrose789. Also they definitely disapprove of this demonstration. We need to pump it up!!! Who will make a sharp looking meme? Can put GoFund small at bottom so doesn't look like someone is just trying to make money. List:banners,cards,pamphlets,mike, security...?Get Lee Camp! and TYT Jordan and researchers Seaman and Pizzagate Angela(Angela Warren), etc. Congress?? Food trucks? What's the plan? Plan now for success later. Just read HSAnon: what the Deep State fears most is public outcry. A huge turnout will guarantee some kind of turnout.