Memorial For A Murdered Child - After School "Pizza" Movie Exposed

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Please Watch:

A man by the name of Michael Parziale, contacted me on Twitter urging me to help spread the word about a memorial called Project Arc Angelo, you can also hear his interview on the Opperman Report. This memorial is being set up for a young boy who was murdered in a snuff film featured on Facebook. The video, which was reported for a whole year by Michael and others, was only just recently taken down. The video is EXTREMELY graphic and illegal if downloaded. It depicts a boy being decapitated by foreign men and it was featured on a demented pedosadist's Facebook page. I have reported to and Interpol.

The Facebook profile is of a man who calls himself, Richard Dickeson, he posts violent gore, child exploitation, and harasses #pedogate and #pizzagate researchers on Voat and Facebook. For some reason this sick individual's page, regardless of how many times we report him/her, remains up... he even has a link to a suspect image of a pizza that may have metadata or pictures within pictures. The page has been archived but I will not be providing the archived version that has the snuff video.

Also featured in my video, linked above, you can see more proof of Cheese Pizza being used as a code word for Child Pornography in many Dark Web forums pre-dating the Wikileaks release of the Podesta emails.

I also delve into a short 2011 film starring Sarah Paulson, of American Horror Story, normalizing pedophilia, using the pizza symbolism along with other coded innuendos, an absolutely distasteful and disgusting piece.

For more resources on how to report child exploitation and information please visit Kids Inc


The writer of this film, Neil LaBute, was raised and "educated" by the Mormons and he gained early success and recognition as a playwright on the stages of BYU. LaBute's long (albeit contentious at times) affiliation with the Church of child brides, sister-wives and holy underwear makes me wonder if his fondness for horror films and his preoccupation with evil partly stem from his upbringing in a cult. The Feds are currently investigating the predators in America's Catholic dioceses--hopefully someone is also doing a deep dive into the abusers among the ranks of the Mormons and Jehovah's Witlesses.
Thanks for being brave and virtuous in a time when those qualities seem rare--you always make a bee-line (pun intended) to what really matters.

I was wondering if the film she shows in her video at the end is some sort of mainstream film available anywhere. I was really shocked when that kid opened his mouth and said the words "let's just stay at your house and f**k next time." Like for real??? Unreal. P.S. thank you Honeybee, resteemed as well. The Richard Dickeson account was stalking me starting in December but I don't know who that Katie person is on his profile. Hopefully someone has warned her if they know her on Voat.

The Kids Inc. Trailer came out great. Now for the home stretch...
This is tough work putting such an emotional subject out. I can only hope your team remains grounded, focused and mindful that it's O.K. to take me time. With a balance of these things success will be assured.
Truly looking forward to this Documentary's release. Best wishes for you and the team.

Thank you so very much ♡

Used the remainder of my SBD to promote this post, encourage others to do the same. Keep up the good work!

Pizzagate was a hoax, by clinging to the term you expose yourself as either a moron or a trumpster. I clicked that profile and didn't see anything. Its amazing the people who are accusing others of pedophilia with no proof are now somehow portraying themselves as victims. If you accuse strangers of being pedophiles you deserve whatever you get.

I repeat this to every pizzagater, you can go find real pimps of children every big city greyhound bus station, why are you still hammering away at this code word nonsense?. Podesta never said cheese pizza, just pizza. Any codewords in those emails could just have easily been references to drugs or illegal donations. Sorry I don't accept that those were all references to children because someone on 4 chan made up a fake FBI graphic.

You want to fight child abuse, go right ahead, first place you should stop is the catholic church. Those are real victims, no pizza references though. That is the problem isn't it. You PG "researchers" want to have fun online looking for images, look its a pizza! It's the symbol for boy love. It's like a big game, and every new clue you find gets added to the voat page, no pagger how silly or insignificant. Look a spooky picture on instagram, lets call the person who posted it a pedophile.

There needs to be comments like mine,otherwise you get an echo chamber going with other nuts and start to think everyone agrees with this nonsense. A picture of pizza if just a picture of pizza. pedophiles don't advertise with symbols and code words in your television programs, they hide.

You want stop chld sex trafficking go after pimps, go after the mafia, go after outlaw bikers and go after hispanic human traffickers. Those people all have guns which why if you have real evidence of human trafficking you should call the police. If they ignore you it's probably because you went them with stupid shit like a picture of pizza, not because they are in on it.

The real icing on the cake is people need to fear speaking out against this insanity because then it could be me who gets stalked and harassed and called a pedo. Label everyone who questions this a child molester, its a pretty good tactic i bet.

Are you honestly saying that predators don't use symbols to communicate with each other?

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