(Breaking Down the Alex Jones Response To the Pizzagate Controversy)

After Alex Jones made his public apology to James Alefantis he lost a number of his listeners. Many of them this year found Alex or started listening because of his coverage on pizzagate/pedogate. But Alex Jones and the infowar can't help but to dig themselves into a deeper whole.

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Responds To Pizzagate Controversy

We keep hearing how this whole story was nothing but a "honey pot" or a trap, but I'm not buying into it. Let me explain a little further.. When wikileaks dropped the Clinton and Podesta emails thousands of us jumped onto the site to see exactly what was in there. Some of what we found was not surprising at all but it deserved public acknowledgement, some of the other things we found were not so expected, and really needed to be looked into.. It gained so much attention the FBI and some police departments asked for help and any knowledge we had that could help with their investigation/or to open an investigation.. And they helped us by confirming some of the code that was used within the emails was "pedophile code words."

All of these words have been found in the emails and used in very weird ways.. That's why so much attention was drawn to the emails.. For some reason these results led us to go check out James Alefantis instagram page and social media.. We found out his social media was very very strange and inviting to the idea of pedophilia! So I don't know if I could call that a trap..

Some pretty weird stuff worth looking into...

Moving on-
{The wikileaks results for the emails of the DNC, Podesta, and Clinton by key words}
Keep in mind that everytime they use one of these words it does not always mean it's code. Do your own research please!
96 results for PIZZA
46 results for HOT DOG
41 results for CHEESE
23 results for PASTA
57 results for ICE-CREAM
3 results for WALNUT SAUCE - 39 results for WALNUT
536 results for MAP
32 results For SAUCE
3 results for James Alefantis
1 result for Comet Ping Pong
Other Results for key word searches- LOOK INTO THESE IF YOU OVER LOOKED IT PLEASE!!! Pizzagate and pedogate do not revolve around just one Pizza Place.. It only got the name pizzagate because of the code words used then later we found out about Comet Ping Pong.
82 results for Bonnie
6 results for Bonnie and Uber
7 results for Bonnie and FARM
[6 results for Lovettsville - that's the farm...
We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.]
Weird enough?? Thats an email about and at the farm...

(March 16, 2016)

WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30 thousand emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server while she was Secretary of State.

Alex Jones can't talk about this story, they would most likely take away his show.. And I do understand that his show is a big responsibility so it would cause chaos if they took it away! Go search through wikileaks again or maybe go look for yourself, if you haven't yet! It's not a honey pot it's a huge story that needs to be talked about! We can't just act like this isn't happening, we could have the chance to save hundreds of children, women, and men.
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All you have to do is look what happened to Ben Swann to see this is a big deal. He did a Reality Check on Pizzagate where he didn't even point fingers, he simply indicated there was enough there that some kind of official investigation SHOULD happen. Yes, that's right. People are saying it is a lie, and fake news, but there has been no actual investigation.

Furthermore, Ben Swann just says there should be an investigation. For that he is purged from the internet after years of covering many things in an unbiased format.

I made a post on this two days ago if you are not familiar with it.

All he had to do was mention Pizzagate and he was purged. That made me take the entire Pizzagate topic a lot more serious.

Now Alex Jones is backing down in an uncharacteristic way.

It seems there is something there, and VERY powerful and well placed people are involved.

Precisely, people should look at this development in this way.
They would not respond so aggressively with heavy censorship on social media, removing journalists who are actually doing their job (Swann), hit-pieces on investigators, 'debunked' headlines, 60 Minutes interviews with Alefantis, paid online shills, etc.
Don't lose heart! Keep searching! Keep drawing attention to PG!
Thank you @dwinblood for your help, we need all the help we can get.

Almost forgot, Thank you @thefringetheater, now following!

Thank You for your comment! Will follow back for sure. All of you are amazing and brave, we will not let this topic die out like it has in the past with other stories!! We will keep fighting til we see justice! Enough evidence is right in front of our faces to at least do an investigation and I think that's all that most of us are asking for.
Keep up the good fight!

Yeah Ben Swann was and is a huge deal, I still cant believe they removed him from the air and all his social media! It's just crazy but in a bitter sweet way I'm glad it happened because many people woke up after that and started doing research for themselves..
Keep up the good fight, your post and comments are awesome. Thank You!

Props to you for being brave enough to write on this topic. I looked at the emails myself when they came out, and man they are definitely up to something with the code language. It's sad to see but most of the public will never want to accept the truth because they fear it. Unfortunately all that does is empower these people even more. Hope light comes to it soon!

Very well said, that's almost what frustrates me the most. Even if we did blow the doors wide open on this story and took some of the big people down, the public wouldn't know how to handle it and you would still have some that just couldn't believe its true!